Tuta Mail Features: Development steps of your secure email service.

We launched Tuta Mail in 2014. Check here what we have achieved since then!

2018-10-17 / Updated on: 2024-04-23
List of Tuta Mail feature since launch in 2014
Tuta Mail is an innovative end-to-end encrypted email service that takes your privacy seriously. With the built-in encryption only you can access your data. Tuta comes as a secure webmail client along with open source Android & iOS apps and desktop clients. We continuously improve Tuta so stay tuned for upcoming features!

At Tuta, every member of our development team is very passionate about privacy, security and open source. We work on Tuta not just because it is a job, but because it is very fulfilling to work on someting with a meaning: We develope Tuta Mail and Tuta Calendar so that everyone can protect their private data, and with every new user who joins Tuta, we feel like this is another tiny victory against surveillance capitalism.

We understand that we still have a long way to go until we can fully match the product of surveillance capitalists such as Google or Microsoft, but our development progress in recent years has made great leaps so that we are ready to scale Tuta to new levels!

Achieved milestones

Best in class security

Here are the most important features that make Tuta's security unrivaled:

Our goal with Tuta is to make security easily accessible to everyone. That's why we strongly focus on usability and convenience. The entire encryption process runs in the background, and you can use Tuta Mail as easily as any email service.

You can use Tuta with absolute certainty that you will never pay with your data.

Some features in Tuta are only available to paying users. With every upgrade, you support us and our mission to bring privacy to the world! Thank you.

Implemented Features

Upcoming Features

  • Preview in email notifications
  • Calendar widget
  • Organize emails by tags/labels
  • Disappearing messages
  • Default email app on iOS
  • Enable import of emails
  • Single click email export
  • Push encrypted calendar out of beta
  • Update algorithms to post-quantum secure ones
  • Better contact integration on iOS / Android
  • Add Tor onion service
  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Protection against email bombs

Please check the Tuta Roadmap to see what we are currently working on.