Time to celebrate: Tutanota is now Tuta.

Welcome to Tuta! 😍

Tutanota is now Tuta!
We are excited to announce that Tutanota has changed its name to Tuta! We are incredibly happy that we are now the only secure email provider with a four-letter-com domain: tuta.com - short AND easy to spell! And that's not all. The story how we got the name is definitely cinematic. So grab some popcorn, relax, and read on. 🍿

Your new home: Tuta

Grab YourName@tuta.com while it's still available! Register a Revolutionary account now!

Since the launch of Tutanota in March 2014, we loved the name and its deep and smart meaning ("secure message" in Latin). Tutanota has proven itself as the most secure email provider worldwide and has built a great reputation. But despite this our name was not the easiest for sharing over the telephone or for folks to remember during a casual conversation. That's why we are thrilled to announce that we are now the only secure email provider with a four-letter-com domain: tuta.com - short and easy to remember!

Watch our YouTube video on our name Tutanota - the secure email service that quickly became popular around the world. However, people were also asking for a shorter domain and we've long wanted to meet this wish!

A Meeting in São Paulo

In summer 2022 we organized a brainstorming session to find a better, and shorter domain for Tutanota. The problem was that most of the ideas we had were already taken. So when we checked for domains that were still available, the list became pretty unhandsome:

Brainstorming session at Tutanota: It was impossible to find a better name than Tuta.

Fortunately, that same summer our colleague Vitor, who is originally from Brazil, had planned a trip to São Paulo. Even before our rather unsuccessful brainstorming session, we knew that the tuta.com domain was held by someone in Brazil. So long story short: Vitor contacted the domain owner - who would like to remain anonymous and we fully respect that - and set down in a restaurant with him. After a splendid meal and a friendly conversation, the two of them signed a contract and the domain tuta.com was now in our possession!

Re-enacted scene: How we got hold of the tuta.com domain This is a re-enacted scene of how Vitor got hold of our brand-new four letter com domain: tuta!

After this meeting it took us one more year to kick off our rebranding project, which will not only include the domain change, but also a new logo as well as a new look and feel. So stay tuned! 😍

We've decided to implement these changes one after the other rather than all at once so that Tuta remains recognizable to you and that you do not feel spooked by a completely new website which many of you tech-savvy people might regard as some kind of phishing site.

New Domain, Same Values

Our new domain - Tuta - perfectly reflects what we stand for: Security. Tuta has a plethora of meanings in a number of global languages. In Latin, Tuta means secure, safe, or protected - which is why we originally picked the name "Tutanota" = "secure message". In Finnish, it means to feel or experience. And most interestingly, in Esperanto, the constructed global language, Tuta means whole or encompassing.

These concepts combined all embody the passion behind our core brand: Tuta.

This name change demonstrates once again that we stand firm in our commitment to providing you the most private and secure email experience. But Tuta is not limited to email alone...

The Future is Encrypted

For us Tuta means growth: A growing library of encrypted services needs a name to match! Since starting out as a secure email client, Tuta has launched, the first fully encrypted search tool (December 2017), the first fully encrypted desktop clients for your private emails (December 2018), and the first encrypted calendar (July 2019). Of course, Tuta also incorporates a fully encrypted address book - one that encrypts much more data than the address books of our competitors.

At Tuta we are innovation leaders in the security sphere: We do not simply want to enable you to securely handle and share your data online, we also strive for the best possible secure and privacy-respecting solution. That's also why we have never used Google's Captcha or Push notification service; because when using these services you automatically leak information to Big Tech. Yet, Tuta is the top-notch alternative to these Big Tech services so incorporating their services into ours is out of question.

Post-quantum Encryption

As industry leaders in secure communication, we are already working on post-quantum secure encryption for Tuta. This project is progressing nicely so stay tuned for upcoming announcements! As a first step, we have hardened your password protection in Tuta by switching from bcrypt to Argon2. In the future, we also plan to add an encrypted drive solution to Tuta that will also be encrypted in a post-quantum secure manner.

The goal of Tuta is that you can easily store and share your data online without having to worry one little bit about malicious or illegal access to your private data.

Earlier this year, we also introduced overhauled pricing plans that offer larger storage and email alias packages, including unlimited email addresses for custom domains, to boost Tuta's success so that we can realize our progress much faster. Our growing team is as passionate as ever to improve your favorite secure email, calendar, and soon-to-be drive solution, and we are incredibly thankful to have such a great community and your continuous support. Together we are making the internet a better, a more private place!

In keeping with our core values we also want to give back to the community which helped make Tuta the leading innovator in the encrypted email space. We will continue to offer discounts for open source development projects, educational organizations, and non-profit organizations. Nobody exists in a vacuum and we believe that when our community prospers so do the rest of us. If you or your organization falls into one of these categories, let's get in touch!

A New Face To An On-Going Mission

New name, same mission: Tuta

Even though we might be getting a facelift, our core values stay the same:

  • Sleek, No Bullshit Designs

  • Powered By Green Energy

  • An International and Diverse Team of Privacy Activists Fighting for You

  • Strong Consumer Protections Under EU and German Privacy Laws

  • Zero-Logging Policy

  • A Commitment to Free and Open Source Software Development

  • True Post-Quantum Encryption -- A World First!

These changes are not driven by new owners, investors, or any outside influences. This is who we are. As we grow, so does our brand, customer base, product features, but our values and mission remain the same. Tuta works hard to bring easy-to-use, privacy-protecting, software into the hands of the masses. Privacy is not a luxury available only to those who can afford to preoccupy themselves with protecting their identity online.

Privacy is a human right.

We believe that digital privacy doesn't need to be complicated or require deep technical know-how. With a few simple clicks you can create your Tuta account and begin your fully private encryption journey with an unparalleled sense of ease and comfort. No need to learn the ins and outs of manually encrypting your data, with one click you can decide to fully encrypt your communications!

The switch to Tuta is short, sweet, easy to remember, and remains true to who we are.

Strong Encryption with an even Stronger Team

Our international and diverse team fights every day to keep online freedom alive by building tools which protect your privacy. Beyond software development, we work together with other privacy rights organizations to combat attempts by governments to introduce legislation which aims to weaken encryption, like chat control or the Online Safety Bill, and limit free speech. We believe that you should have control over who can track and see your data, and do not have your choice limited to apps that track every step you take.

That's why at Tuta we have a zero-logging policy and our end-to-end encryption ensures that only you have access to your data over the wire or when it is at rest on our servers.

Another pillar of our core values is team collaboration and transparency. At Tuta, everyone's voice matters. Transparency between team members and company decisions are paramount and this culture of openness and respect will continue to flourish in the coming weeks, months, and years. You can trust that we do security right not just because we say so, but because you can check and review our open source code on GitHub, our transparency report or follow our social media accounts to get announcements about patched vulnerabilities such as this one.

Bold Changes and a Bright Future

Adopting better online security and privacy doesn't need to be a daunting task. The hub of your digital life is your email account, and Tuta helps you create a strong foundation. No-tracking, no ads, and zero-logging allows you to break free of invasive email providers like Gmail or Outlook. With your Tuta account you can save time by having immediate access to all of your communications, appointments, and contacts within an easy-to-use interface. No need to bounce between windows, you can maximize your productivity without breaking the bank.

Along with our new suite of features, we are also doubling down on our commitment to providing the strongest end-to-end encryption for our users. The next step for Tuta is the rollout of our post-quantum encryption protocols which will include Perfect Forward Secrecy and thus prevent your communications from falling prey to retrospective decryption. This change will make Tuta the world's first post-quantum encrypted email provider!

Threats to your privacy won't be going away, but neither are we.

As we move forward as Tuta, we are excited about the possibilities this change brings and are dedicated to delivering the best email service possible. Step into the future of online security by creating a new Tuta account today!

Let's make the internet a better place together.

The Tutanota team - welcoming you to your encryption journey!

What You Need to Do Now

Automatic Redirect

The Tuta webmail client will now be accessed through a new URL app.tuta.com and attempts to login through the domain tutanota.com will automatically redirect to this new page. Most Tuta users will not have to do anything as tutanota.com will automatically redirect you to tuta.com when accessing the page.

Apps Stay the Same

In addition the Tutanota apps for iOS and Android as well as the Tutanota desktop clients will remain the same and stored logins there will continue to work as before.

Transfer Stored Browser Login

So with this change, you do not need to do anything, unless your have stored your credentials in a web browser. Those who have stored account login credentials in their favorite web browser will need to transfer these credentials to the new domain to continue accessing the account. We have integrated an automatic transfer of the stored credentials, which you simply need to click through: Please visit the old login page "mail.tutanota.com" and you will be prompted to migrate your credentials with a few simple clicks. Tuta will guide you through the process. If you did not store the credentials in a browser or do not wish to transfer the credentials automatically, you can simply go to Tuta.com and login here - or via your preferred Tuta app.

That's It. Stay Secure!

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