Get your own email domain with Tutanota!

Make your email look more professional: Use a custom domain with Tutanota - it's really easy.

Get your own email domain with Tutanota - fast and easy.
Tutanota is a great email service for private as well as business use: Add as many custom domains as you like, activate catch-all, and benefit of the built-in encryption that protects your entire mailbox. Get your own email addresses @yourcompany the easy way and build customer trust by hosting your professional email account with the encrypted email service Tutanota.

Build customer trust

Tutanota is the number one choice for any business: Show your customers' that you deserve their trust by choosing the most secure email service to host your custom domain emails. Tutanota encrypts all data automatically end-to-end. Finally, you can host your company data in the cloud without having the usual trade-off when it comes to security and data sovereignty. By choosing Tutanota, all data belongs to you alone due to the built-in encryption.

Own domain email for everyone

Tutanota offers professional business emails at very affordable prices. We want to enable everyone - every business and every citizen - to get an encrypted email account that takes care of their privacy.

How to set up your custom domain

  1. Register a Tutanota account: Signup
  2. Get a custom domain with any domain provider.
  3. Link your custom domain to Tutanota by changing your mx records.
  4. Add your own email domain to Tutanota.
  5. Create custom email addresses with your own domain.
  6. Optional: Activate catch-all for your custom email domain.

Multiple own domains

Use Tutanota with your custom email domain and whitelabel the client for your business.

Tutanota lets you add as many custom email domains as you like under all business subscriptions.

Tutanota has multi-user support, whitelabel customizations and more to make it a perfect fit for hosting your businesses custom domains.

Check out all the features you get with Tutanota's secure business email.

If you are a private user, you can still use multiple own domains and benefit from all business features by simply adding the Business feature to your account as an extension.

Great features await you

We are constantly adding features that are exclusively reserved for paying users:

  • Use extended and unlimited search on encrypted data.

  • Use smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox.

  • Add alias addresses to your main Tutanota account.

  • Add an unlimited number of custom domains* & activate catch-all.

  • Add an unlimited number of users to your account.

  • Whitelabel* Tutanota for your business and enable login on your website.

  • Add Secure Connect*, an encrypted contact form, to your website.

  • Manage all Tutanota users for your business.

  • Combine several Tutanota addresses in one account.

  • Use several encrypted calendars in Tutanota

  • Share* your encrypted calendars with other Premium users

  • Get Tutanota Premium for free for your NPO.

*Whitelabel, Sharing and Secure Connect are optional extensions to the Premium subscription. Unlimited domains are included in the Business feature which is automatically added in all subscriptions if you book as 'business'.

Security features that make Tutanota stand out

By making sure that all your data is always end-to-end encrypted, only you own your data. Tutanota's automatic encryption enables you to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, accessibility, cost-efficiency, automatic back-up - without ever giving up on data sovereignty or security.

On top of the built-in encryption, Tutanota's secure password reset and innovative search on encrypted data are just two important features that make sure that no third party - not even we - can gain access to your data.

Here are the most important features that make Tutanota's security unrivaled:

  • End-to-end encrypted mailbox

  • End-to-end encrypted address book

  • Zero-knowledge calendar

  • Automatic end-to-end encrypted emails between users

  • End-to-end encrypted emails to any email address via a password

  • Secure password reset that gives us absolutely no access

  • Full-text search of encrypted data, executed locally

  • Secure desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

  • GDPR-compliant email service with built-in encryption

We also recommend to read our email security guide to learn how Tutanota keeps your emails safe from hackers.

Secure your mailbox with Tutanota now and you will notice that encrypted emails have never been easier!