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Unlimited custom domain addresses
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Unlimited custom domain addresses
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The subscription period is one month when paying monthly and one year when paying yearly. The plan will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period.

Encrypted Email
With end-to-end encryption and 2FA, your emails have never been more secure. The built-in encryption guarantees that your mailbox belongs to you: Nobody can decrypt or read your data.
We Love Open Source

Tuta is open source so security experts can verify the code that protects your emails. Our Android app is Google-free making Tuta the best open source email service.

On Any Device
Our apps for iOS, Android & desktops let you send secure emails wherever you are. Our fast web client & apps make sure email encryption is a pleasant experience.
Tuta mailbox on a mobile phone.

Focus on Your Email Needs

We put the email needs of your business first by providing a secure email service that lets you focus on the things that matter. With custom domain support, an unlimited number of custom domain email addresses, flexible user addition, whitelabel customizations, smart filtering, and GDPR compliance, we strive to make Tuta the perfect email service for your business.

Save Time and Money with Tuta

Tuta hosts all your business emails end-to-end encrypted on highly secured servers based in Germany. We enable your business to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, automatic backup - without compromising on security. With Tuta you own your data, no one else can access it.
Screenshot of the Tuta mailbox on an iPad.
Screenshots of whitelabel version of Tuta, the provider to secure your business emails.

Whitelabel Your Mailbox

Tuta's comprehensive whitelabel customizations are the perfect solution for your business as you can present the Tuta mailboxes with your corporate design: Employees and external recipients will not notice that they are accessing Tuta, they will only see your website and your branding.

Encrypted Mailbox Engineered in Germany

Tuta is based in Hanover, Germany. All your encrypted emails are stored on our own servers in highly secured data centers in Germany, powered with renewable energy. With its strict data protection laws and the GDPR, Germany has some of the best laws in the world to protect your secure emails.


In the course of our activities, there are also particularly confidential communications that must run outside our own domain. We asked our IT security experts to carry out an evaluation of the providers and they chose Tuta. I myself like working with Tuta because it is easy to use and I know that communication here is in good hands.

Dr. Frank Hülsberg, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG


We chose Tuta as a "secure by design" email provider. Due to its encryption Tuta fully complies with GDPR requirements, which makes it perfect for business use. Tuta is fast, reliable, always up-to-date and meets our needs. All of our clients' industrial confidential information is kept secure.

Michalis Apostolou, EPD Engineering Services


In a very sensitive business environment, we have chosen Tuta among various encryption programs. Tuta impresses with its extremely simple application. Even non-technical colleagues can encrypt sensitive attachments and texts in accordance with data protection regulations. The simple administration, immediately accessible & always friendly experts and a fair pricing also stand out.

Dietmar Kopp, Maria-Montessori-School

Tuta Mail for Business

Tuta is the world’s most secure email service that offers end-to-end encryption (E2E) for all your business communication. With Tuta, you protect your company's sensitive data from breaches and malicious attacks: You own your data, no one else can access it.

Host all your business emails end-to-end encrypted on Tuta's secure servers based in Germany, powered by 100% renewable electricity. With custom domain support, flexible user addition, whitelabel customizations enabling you to use your own branding, smart filtering, subfolders, aliases, end-to-end encrypted calendars and GDPR compliance, we strive to make Tuta the perfect email solution for your business.

We enable you to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, cost-efficiency, flexibility, automatic backup - without compromising on security. With Tuta you benefit from the best value price tiers of any end-to-end encrypted business email.

10,000+ businesses trust Tuta to secure their communications.

Join the encrypted side and you’ll never look back!

Protection from current cyber threats...

We implement our own encryption based on AES 256 and RSA 2048, or ECDH (x25519) combined with Kyber-1024 for quantum safe accounts which, unlike PGP, enable us to encrypt E2E more data than any other email or calendar provider: entire emails, including subject lines, attachments, email bodies, entire address book (not just parts of the contacts), inbox rules and filters, the entire search index, and all calendar entries, even metadata like who is attending a calendar event.

With any Tuta Business plan you get an unlimited number of calendars and the possibility to share calendars to easily coordinate with different teams in your organization. Ours is the only zero-knowledge calendar, because our servers don’t even see when you get a push notification for an upcoming event. Instead of sending push from our servers we handle encrypted notifications directly on your device to protect your privacy. With the mobile apps you also receive these reminders when you are not actively using the app.

When you also add login protection, session handling, two-factor authentication (2FA) including support for U2F hardware keys, biometrics unlock on mobile, and our zero-knowledge architecture, you get the best email service for businesses and professionals who value data security.

...and from future cyber threats

When you sign up for Tuta, you’re protecting your business from current as well as evolving and future cyber threats.

We publish the Tuta web client, the Tuta desktop clients as well as the Android and iOS apps as open source software on GitHub, so on top of regular security audits from independent experts, everyone can check that there are no bugs, backdoors, or security vulnerabilities. This means potential issues can be noticed and fixed much faster than with closed source applications.

Tuta is also ahead of the game in terms of post-quantum security and Perfect Forward Secrecy. Tuta Mail is the first encrypted email provider with post-quantum cryptography so that it can protect your data from future attacks from quantum computers and from the threat of "Harvest Now, Decrypt Later".

The encryption protocols that we use in Tuta enable us to easily update the algorithms. After the update, the migration to the new algorithms is seamless, so you will benefit of the added security immediately and without any hassle.

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  • End-to-End Encryption: Tuta provides end-to-end encryption for all your emails and attachments, as well as subject lines, entire address book, and all data and metadata stored in your calendars.

  • E2E encryption with contacts that don’t use Tuta: External recipients can access the entire email thread via a shared password, instead of having to set a password for each email like with other secure business email providers.

  • Transport encryption: TLS encryption when you have to send an email unencrypted.

  • Multiple custom domains: You can use your own domain name for your address, so your emails look professional and trustworthy. Whether you’re a freelancer or a large enterprise, we have a package that suits your needs in terms of number of users and custom domains, for a price that fits your budget.

  • GDPR-Compliant: Tuta is based in Germany, a country with some of the world’s strictest data protection laws, and our service is by default compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Multi-Platform Support: Our desktop and mobile clients are the most secure ways to access your Tuta email and calendar, but you can also use our web version if that works best for you. We have dedicated Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android (F-Droid) apps.

  • Calendars & Contacts: With Tuta you can manage your schedule and address book within the same secure environment. The calendar is integrated seamlessly into the secure email client and can be easily accessed on any device. Event notifications are sent end-to-end encrypted to fully protect your privacy.

  • End-to-end Encrypted Calendars: Combine your personal events, business meetings and repeating tasks in one view. Use an unlimited number of calendars, send calendar invites and share calendars.

  • Top notch security: E2E encryption, zero-knowledge architecture and no integrations with closed-source third-party services for ultimate security; including two-factor authentication with U2F hardware key support.

  • Made for Businesses: Multi-user support, multiple alias email addresses per user and easy-to-use administration panels combined with its outstanding security make Tuta the perfect solution for businesses.

If you're looking to create the most secure email address for your business, Tuta is the best choice.

With end-to-end encryption, custom domains, GDPR compliance, and other advanced features, we provide everything you need to protect your business communication from prying eyes.

A private, secure and E2E encrypted email service that also focuses on sustainability is a choice you will feel good about!

Special offer for non-profit organizations

We donate the business version of Tuta to non-profit organizations (NPOs), schools, and open source projects. Please find details on how your organization can secure your emails for free or with a discount.

Secure email for your business

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