Tuta's Encrypted Calendar Now Includes Search

New viewing modes, seamless swiping, and now fully searchable calendars!

Notice anything different? We've introduced full search functionality for your encrypted calendar!
This is just another step in making our calendar the best one out there - not just among the secure ones. Last month we introduced more intuitive swiping functionality and now we released full search for your encrypted calendars. Stay tuned because your calendar will be post-quantum secure soon!

2024 is going to be a huge year of great new feature releases. In our latest release, we rolled out a major improvement to the encrypted Tuta Calendar -- Search!

The past few months we have set our sights on making our secure calendar even easier and dare I say fun to use. These changes strengthen the all-around usability of Tuta by increasing your productivity and ability to organize your appointments without compromising on privacy and security. The Tuta Calendar has long offered event import and export alongside calendar sharing to keep your family, friends, and colleagues up-to-speed on what's happening in your life.

Calendar sharing is now a default feature in all paid subscription plans and is no longer an additional package! Yet, another reason to make the jump to one of our new subscription plans today.

Our encrypted calendar remains a cornerstone of the Tuta user experience and we are proud to offer it to all users regardless of their subscription because privacy should not be locked behind a paywall.

This is privacy done right.

Easier To Use

The last version releases of Tuta have focused on two primary areas, improving the overall app encryption standards by switching to AES256 and streamlining the usability of the Tuta Calendar.

Week View to the Rescue!

Our first steps with the calendar was the introduction of the long requested weekly calendar view. We take the feedback from our users seriously and are glad to offer this additional viewing mode for all devices. This additional view mode makes reviewing your entire work week of meetings and appointments easier by saving you the need to click or swipe between days. A teaser of what this swiping looks like is available on YouTube. Monthly view had the problem where you could view entire weeks of events, but unfortunately only a few events could be displayed at once. Weekly Calendar View has resolved these issues.

New Functionalities!

But this wasn't the end of our vision for the calendar. We recognized that moving between days, weeks, and months could feel a bit clunky at times so our developers rolled up their sleeves and built in the new improved scrolling and swiping functionalities for all calendar viewing modes, even the agenda view!

Much like other mainstream calendar services the Tuta Calendar offers a smooth simple event creation process, but this is wrapped in a secure encryption that our standard calendar apps fail to provide. Your calendar should remain private and if your data isn't properly encrypted on your device before being sent to a provider's server, it cannot be guaranteed to have been unseen by malicious actors. While we continue with our release of feature improvements we have a dedicated team pioneering the way towards the world's first post-quantum encrypted email and calendar!

The searchable Agenda View now allows intuitive swiping between days.

Future-Proof Security

The future of encryption is post-quantum. The US government is now requiring all federal agencies to begin the transition towards implementing security measures which protect against the threat posed by quantum computers. If and when quantum computers become more readily available, they pose a threat to all current mainstream encryption standards. This has led to a policy of "harvest first, decrypt later" by global intelligence agencies seeking to snoop on your communications.

This is why Tuta is leading the change towards post-quantum encryption and we are close to releasing the world's first post-quantum encrypted calendar and email service!

Our development team is growing steadily and our progress for 2024 has only just begun. More new features, UI improvements, true post-quantum encryption, and even a few surprises are in store.

Stay tuned and happy encrypting!