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Welcome to a better web: Say "Hello" to privacy and freedom with Tuta!
Privacy must be yours.
Big Tech uses your data for their own profit. Now is the time to take back what belongs to you: Your data. Tuta protects all your data with strong encryption. Say “hello” to privacy!
Privacy is freedom.
Privacy sets you free. Privacy enables you to have a secure space, free from judgment and discrimination. Privacy is the foundation for freedom of thought and freedom of speech.
Privacy is power.
It is your choice who you want to communicate with. It is your choice to limit access to your private data, your thoughts, opinions and ideas. You have the power to share your thoughts – or not.
Privacy is safety.
Privacy enables you to protect yourself and the society from arbitrary and unjustified use of power. By protecting your data from third-party access, you deny others to establish control over your data, and over all facets of your life.
Privacy is reputation.
Privacy is essential to maintain your reputation. If there was no privacy, others could use information about yourself to misrepresent you or to put you in a bad light. Privacy helps you to protect your reputation from being unfairly harmed.
Privacy to start over.
Privacy allows you to start over in life. You are allowed to change and progress, and sometimes it is necessary to keep private information from the past in the past. It is a great achievement that we are able to move beyond mistakes and make a new start.

The loss of privacy can be used to influence you and to shape your behavior.

The truth about 'free services'

Surveillance capitalists like Google and Facebook collect a lot of data about you, create profiles and then present you with targeted advertisements that match your attitudes and preferences, and, thus, make you spend more money, sign a petition or influence your voting decisions.

When private data becomes public...

While you still have the option to use ad blockers to mitigate these negative effects, the invasion of privacy can also hit you on a much more direct level that you can't easily defend against: Once your personal data is public, for example on social media, it can be used by anyone. This data can be crucial when you apply for a job or a loan. Personal data can determine whether you are investigated by authorities or searched at the airport.

Privacy is a fundamental right

Privacy - and the loss of privacy - impacts both your personal life and society. That's why privacy is widely recognized as a fundamental human right.

We fight surveillance capitalism.

Today’s internet is broken. Surveillance capitalists use their power and knowledge to profile you and determine your value as a consumer. They infringe your privacy every single day. They decide what you see. They place algorithm-based information in front of you, subtly and constantly so that in the end they influence your thoughts, your decisions, your actions.

These companies do this for their own benefit. Business models based on data collection and data exploitation must be stopped. We fight for a different internet. One where privacy by design is the foundation.

Because each and everyone of us deserves freedom and privacy, online and offline, today and tomorrow.

Why you will love Tuta Mail

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Switch now!

As the Internet grows up, people understand that they have to stop feeding the surveillance machine. New tools have made encryption and, thus, protecting your private data very easy. Email services like Tuta and chat apps like Signal are just a few that integrate encryption seamlessly into their services so that you don’t have to think about how the encryption works. Switch now!

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