Tutanota keeps growing: More people are joining our privacy revolution! ♥️

We are excited to let you know that Tutanota is growing faster than ever! We are very happy to welcome our new team members - who will bring great improvements to Tutanota.

We are very happy to announce that in the last few months several new people joined our team for support, HR, software development and design. We are sure that you are already seeing the improvements. Whether it's faster support or faster feature delivery, we are all working hard to make your secure email service even better!

Last week we have already published contact lists as well as automatic switch between dark & light theme based on your system settings! Now, watch out for some nice improvements hitting your inbox, most likely this week already!

  • Unlimited aliases for custom domains
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Family option
  • And the long awaited: pinch-to-zoom!

We expect that many more people will join our team here in Hanover in 2023 and beyond so if you are passionate not only about privacy, but also about programming, be sure to apply with us!

Introducing Tabea, HR

When I was looking for a new job I thought about what is the most important for me in a job. Since I am studying HR I was looking for a job which fit better to my study. Also I really like having a good team around me because I am used to this from playing soccer my whole life. With Tutao I found the best combination and more.

I think Tutao invented a great product which helps everyone to protect their privacy which is very important nowadays. Also I really like how every team member is totally motivated for work and the fight for privacy. This is why I started working for Tutao. It feels good to be a part of the team which is continually working on new features and updates which will make Tutanota even better. It is great to see how dedicated the users are and how all of them are a (passive) member of the team too. In HR I can be a part of Tutanota although I do not know anything about software development. It is nice to join such a great team which included me from the very first day. Also it is cool to take my time for the applications to help the team and especially Tutanota growing and to welcome new team members.

And to be honest: The ice cream days were a big plus for starting at Tutao :)

Introducing Jan, member of the support team

I'm Jan and I am currently studying computer science at Leibniz Universität Hannover. In my free time I spend most of my time on the computer, in the gym with a friend or on a stroll outside when the weather is nice.

When looking for a student job I came to notice Tutanota. After reading their job posting, I was very interested in finding out more about the business and the people behind. When reading about them on their website and their plans for the future - what they stand for and want to achieve I decided to apply.

The people here are all very kind and the working atmosphere is very nice and flexible. I like working here because it is for a cause I stand for and I enjoy helping people. There is always the possibility to work on something together. I also like to have lunch together where you can ask the rest of the team if there are any issues, if you have general questions or just want to hear jokes about casual stuff.

Also of course: Ice Cream Day.

My vision of the future internet

In my mind you can sometimes compare the internet to the physical world. When I talk to someone, I don't want strangers to listen or chime in - tap me on the shoulder and give me an advertisement about something I just talked to a friend about. That's just one of many examples. The comparison of cloud-based storage and a locker where I would like to store something also comes to mind. Privacy and security are key components and should be standards.

Since I spend a majority of my free time on the internet, I sometimes get the chills when I text with a friend about something and later that evening I suddenly get an ad for it. It feels like my personal right to choose what happens to my information is violated and there aren't many spaces where your information is truly yours and that's not how it's supposed to be.

Introducing Jasper, software development

I applied at Tutanota because the way they provide privacy is a unique way of providing the highest of all goods on the web. Privacy is important and that is even more true when talking about the Internet.

I personally gave up my privacy by using non-private mail providers in the past, but that does now have come to an end and I can reclaim my privacy on the web. The amount of power that your data can give malicious attackers and scammers is simply unimaginable, even the tiniest piece of information about you can be dangerous in the wrong hands. But this veil of privacy prevents that we feel stripped on the internet.

Ideally, in the future, the web will be more safe. Not because people stop scamming or stop hacking other people. Unfortunately, this will live on as long as humanity and the internet exist, but because of apps and features that allow you to keep your privacy in every aspect while being on the internet, you can feel secure and private again.

This is what I want to achieve with Tutanota: Giving people an easy option to regain and keep their privacy!

Introducing Hanna, member of the support team

Being part of the Tutanota family means playing an important role in shaping a user-centered service where privacy is the main goal, where everyone is free to express themselves, their ideas and promote innovation; where every individual and every company maintains its image and reputation without fear of confidential data theft. I'm proud to be a small part of this process.

Introducing Daniel, design

I have always been connected to issues of activism and democracy. But the attention to online security & privacy is something more recent to me. When some friends started using Signal over other messengers, and end-to-end encrypted emails instead of big tech options, I thought it was time to look into this. After I moved to Germany I was looking for a job in my area, and then I heard that Tutanota was growing the team and looking for an in-house designer. At that time, I was already a Tutanota user, so it was a very exciting opportunity.

Communicating another possible internet is both an honor and a great design challenge. Because this means informing about an online privacy & security proposal that is totally different from the default internet that we've become used to. This perspective keeps me motivated on a daily basis!

My goal at Tutanota is deconstructing the myth that encryption is complicated and unnecessary, and at the same time showing that we offer a product with the same high-end level of the big techs - but in an ethical and safe way.

Hannah Arendt, as a notable thinker who dwelt at length on the private and public spheres, was born in a building very close to Tutanota’s headquarters. She is a great inspiration to me! I hold on to her chain of wisdom and reflect that the private sphere is for singularity, just as the public sphere is for diversity. For her, privacy provides the essential darkness that we need for exercising our human condition in the light of the public sphere.

I identify myself with Tutanota's indie vibes over big tech brands with their super-famous products. For me it's like playing in an precious little band, which is about to shake up the status quo, being discovered and deconstructing some old/bad patterns. At the office we have a nice “outdoor” culture (until the German weather permits) that I love. We do things together, such as having lunch by the river side, going to concerts or having an ice cream.

So, what I'm doing at Tutanota right now? I'm currently working on a secret project, therefore I'm going to exercise my right to privacy here. But I guarantee that beautiful (and functional) things are coming up soon! 😀