Tuta.com, unlimited email addresses for custom domains, calendar improvements: 2023 was a great year for Tuta.

With a growing team and regular releases of new features and improvements, what's not to love?!

2023 was a great year for Tuta.
2023 was a great year for Tuta. Let's take a few moments at look back at the awesome improvements and features introduced in '23 with a sneak peek at what is coming up next year. From encrypted email, contacts, to calendar we've got you covered and make sure that you can enjoy the holiday season without needing to worry about data security.

Tuta's Greatest Hits of 2023

In 2023 the Tuta Team introduced a number of features and updates which made Tuta an even more secure encryption solution for your emails, contacts, and calendars. Beyond these updates, our team of dedicated privacy activists continues to grow! We've added a number of new software developers and support team members which means you will get access to even faster personalized customer support and new features will be built and released quicker.

Before we celebrate the start of a new year, let's take a look back at what we accomplished.


The most noticeable and recent change was the introduction of our new domain Tuta.com! With this debut, Tuta has become the only secure email provider in the world with a short, easy to pronounce .com domain which makes sharing your email address with others so much easier.

Our offline mode is also fully out of its beta version and is enabled by default on all clients. If you are on the go and need access to your calendar or contacts list, there is no longer a requirement that you have an internet connection to access your encrypted data. No matter where you go Tuta keeps your data secure and accessible. In the near future we also plan to add offline write functionality, so stay tuned!


We have introduced a number of features which apply to the Tuta client for desktop, mobile, and your web browser. The first major improvement for user security was the introduction of Argon2 for all hashing within the Tuta client. Argon2 is the first step in our transition to using a quantum secure encryption standard for protecting your data. We are currently the only encrypted email service offering this level of hashing protection.

This year also saw the release of full U2F second-factor support. This means that however you access your Tuta account you can protect it by using the most secure form of 2FA on the planet. This support is not brand specific with the options of using a YubiKey, NitroKey, among other U2F options.


Increased Email Security With Even More Features

Encrypted Email is where we started and it is still the cornerstone of our work. In 2023 we rolled out many new features which improved the overall user experience and security of our email client. It is now possible to add unlimited email addresses to your account by using a custom domain, a jump ahead of the competition which limits the number of addresses in your account. Family subscription plans and shared mailboxes have also been introduced which add a new degree of flexibility to best fit your unique needs.

On all mobile apps, we released a pinch-to-zoom feature which makes reading your emails more comfortable and clear. In line with this increased focus of usability we also added new search filter options to all Tuta clients, desktop and mobile, to make finding and sorting your mailbox a more streamlined and optimized experience.


Keeping The Data of Your Friends and Loved Ones Safe

Our secure contacts list has also seen some new improvements, namely the release of contacts lists for sending emails to groups of friends, family members, or co-workers. This long requested feature has made Tuta a much more attractive option for business and organizational usage by lowering the amount of time needed to reach out to your groups. Adding a long list of CC/BCC email addresses is no longer necessary. Simply build your contact list within the Contacts menu and you can start sending these group emails with ease!


Customizable Dates and Appointments That Fit Your Busy Schedule

Your encrypted Tuta Calendar saw a number of upgrades and new features in 2023. These included the introduction of weekly calendar view on mobile devices, which was a long requested feature from our users on social media. We also released a day selector which allows you to quickly navigate between events in monthly, weekly, or the agenda view. The calendar now also offers customizable repeating event settings which add flexibility in meeting the needs of your schedule. You are no longer limited to daily, weekly, or monthly repeating options but can now configure your own event-specific repetition.

With all these improvements, keeping up with the hustle and bustle of daily life no longer demands choosing a solution that may be lacking in security. The 2023 updates saw a great improvement for personal use, but also in the business and enterprise functionality of Tuta as an all-in-one office communication and planning solution.

What's Coming in 2024...

2023 saw the release of many major improvements to Tuta and we even reached a new milestone with 10 million unique users! We aren't slowing down and our plans for next year are big.

In 2024 we will be releasing the world's first post-quantum encryption standard for keeping your emails secure against the threat of quantum computers. The algorithm is currently being tested and undergoing cryptanalysis to make sure that it is as secure as possible.

In addition, we will continue implementing email import for which we already have a working prototype. For your encrypted emails, we will also add disappearing messages so that the emails sent to external recipients will be deleted automatically after a certain time.

New calendar features are also planned for early next year, with long awaited functions like phonebook integration, search, and tasks. We are also planning to release a new Tuta Calendar widget for the mobile apps – so stay tuned for these big improvements!

Tuta continues to grow and bring easy to use privacy to the masses! All of this without compromising on security.

Stay safe, stay tuned, and encrypt everything.

Happy Holidays!

Your Tuta Team