Encrypted emails are on the rise: 58% of Tutanota's emails are end-to-end encrypted

5 years after the Snowden revelations, encryption puts an end to mass surveillance by finally becoming adopted en masse. Tutanota offers the easiest way to send encrypted emails so that everyone can protect their emails from prying eyes.

Tutanota is the secure email service that comes with automatic end-to-end encryption. When we started building Tutanota, we always believed that sending an end-to-end encrypted email needs to be as easy as sending a normal email. The numbers prove us right: 58% of all emails sent from Tutanota are end-to-end encrypted.

Email encryption must be as easy as possible

One of our aims at Tutanota is to fight mass surveillance. End-to-end encrypted emails are important to reach this goal, and we at Tutanota are proud that we enable millions of users around the world to encrypt more than half of their emails automatically.

Check out our guide on how to encrypt an email in seconds, and you'll understand why email encryption is so widely used in Tutanota.

This has only been possible because of the dead-easy automatic encryption. Tutanota also enables people to send end-to-end encrypted emails to other email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, Outlook, Fastmail, Posteo, Hushmail, Startmail, Mailbox.org and Protonmail) by securing the email with a password. This option is used for four percent of the end-to-end encrypted emails in Tutanota, namely when particularly sensitive information has to be shared with people who are using a different mail provider. The majority of Tutanota's encrypted emails - 96% - are sent to other Tutanota users.

This comes at no surprise as Tutanota users like the ease-of-use and security they get with the automatically encrypted Tutanota mailbox. They convince friends and family to also switch to Tutanota, and just like that most of their emails are automatically encrypted.

Time for businesses and authorities to follow suit

Users tell us that while it is now very easy to encrypt emails to their friends and family, they find it a true paradox that the most important emails - emails to their financial adviser, their lawyer, their local authority - are much harder, if not impossible, to sufficiently secure with end-to-end encryption.

However, this will also change as since the new GDPR we are seeing more and more businesses switching to our automatically encrypted and GDPR-compliant email service.

Tutanota enables businesses not only to easily secure their email communication, but also to save time and money. As Tutanota automatically encrypts all data end-to-end, it puts the business in full control of their data. For the first time, businesses can move their mailboxes into the cloud without the common security trade-off they would have to make with mainstream, unencrypted email providers.

If you are a business interested in Tutanota, read here how you can benefit from many additional features with our extended paid plans.

There is simply no reason NOT to encrypt anymore

Today there is simply no reason anymore to allow others to look into your mailbox. As long as mainstream email providers like Gmail allow others to read your emails, people and businesses alike will switch to Tutanota's secure email service.

Maybe this is the biggest success of Tutanota: We don't need to convince you to trade in convenience for security. With Tutanota you get both.

Percentage of encrypted emails constantly rising

Three years ago, the number of end-to-end encrypted emails sent from Tutanota was 37%. Today this number has already risen to 58%.

We are proud that the percentage of end-to-end encrypted emails is constantly rising. This makes our online communication as a whole much more secure.

If we only encrypt sensitive emails, we make it way too easy for Secret Services and malicious attackers to pin down potential whistleblowers - like Snowden - as well as investigative journalists and human rights activists via their email metadata. To stop mass surveillance online, end-to-end encryption must be the default, not the exception.

Mass surveillance is an intrusion into everybody's right to privacy, and it needs to stop. If Secret Services deny to change their habits, we have to change ours:

Encrypt every email.

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