and Tuta are two nice options when it comes to private, secure emails. Check this comparison to see which one is best for your needs. vs Tutanota:

Comparison of email services

What makes Tuta a great alternative is its focus on security and open source. Things that set Tuta apart from are top notch security features such as an automatically encrypted mailbox and an easy-to-use option to send an encrypted email to anyone. On top of that Tuta can be used without any connections to Google, even when using the Tuta Android app. We do not compromise on security and privacy - ever.
Encrypted transmission (TLS)
End-to-end encrypted email storage
End-to-end encryption of all internal emails
Easy end-to-end encryption to external recipients
End-to-end encrypted storage of all contact details
Encrypted email subject lines
TOTP for second factor authentication
U2F for second factor authentication
No third party captcha
No-log policy
Servers in Europe
No offices in the USA
Custom domains
Unlimited custom domain email addresses
Multi-user support
Email alias addresses
Whitelabel customizations
Encrypted calendar
Server IMAP support
Offline support in mobile & desktop clients
Inbox rules / smart filters
Conversation view
Access on any device
App on F-Droid
Own desktop clients
Zero-knowledge full-text search
Low starting price
Special offer for NPOs

Switch to Secure Emails Today

Switch now and simply forward your emails to Tuta!

First of all: Register your personal Tuta email address.

Then follow these easy steps to forward all emails from to Tuta:

  1. Open in a browser and log in.

  2. Go to 'Settings' -> 'E-mail' -> 'Automatic forwarding'

  3. There you can enter your new Tuta email address to forward all incoming emails.

From now on all emails sent to your account will be automatically forwarded to Tuta. You can inform important senders of your new Tuta email address and delete unimportant ones. This way, once you stop the auto-forward in, you will have a much cleaner inbox and get rid of all the unwanted newsletters that have accumulated over the last couple of years.

Welcome to the encrypted side!

Control of the tech stack: Tuta vs. Mailbox

Many email services, even secure ones, use third-party tech like Dovecot, Roundcube and others to build their own products. Every time a so called secure service uses third-party applications, it becomes more difficult to secure said service. The reason is simple: Every service included in the code executes code. Any services' security can't get better than that of its dependencies. Every dependency to third party code must be maintained and security updates need to be applied immediately. In addition, every third-party service can potentially track the users, send data to its own servers etc. That’s why we at Tuta only use open source code that we have vested ourselves before using it. This way we make sure ourselves that the open source tools Tuta does use are secure: We regularly run security reviews of these tools as well as of our own clients, for instance when we pushed our desktop clients out of beta.

Of course, we at Tuta can't re-invent the wheel either. But we have built our entire clients - web, Android, iOS, and all desktop clients - on our own. Plus, we have a strong focus on security in our whole development workflow. All developers share the same DNA: privacy and security first.

One main differentiation of Tuta is that we build all major parts of Tuta ourselves, even outside of the core email functionality such as our captcha, our push notification service on Android and more.

Only with open source - of our own clients and of the software that Tuta depends on - tech-savvy people can audit the code and verify that Tuta is doing what we promise: Securing your private emails to the maximum.

Check here why we recommend to choose our secure desktop clients for Linux, Windows and macOS and why it is so important that we have built our own open source captcha as well as an alternative to Google Push on Android.

No Tracking
Tuta is a great email alternative as it sets you free from online tracking: We do not track and we do not post targeted ads. Instead, your data is encrypted by default.
We Love Open Source

Tuta is open source so security experts can verify the code that protects your emails. Our Android app is Google-free making Tuta the best open source email service.

On Any Device
Our apps for iOS, Android & desktops let you send secure emails wherever you are. Our fast web client & apps make sure email encryption is a pleasant experience.

Tuta - the email alternative that respects your right to privacy.

With its all-round end-to-end encryption and its clear focus on open source, Tuta is the best email provider when it comes to convenience, security and privacy. We have replaced the need for IMAP by building the Tuta desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS that also support offline mode. Our next development steps include conversation view and email import. Our vision with Tuta is to become a full-fledged email alternative with a calendar, notes, cloud storage - everything encrypted by default.

Switch to Secure Emails Today