"Turn ON Privacy": Tuta has a brand new logo!

A new name deserves a new logo - check out the Tuta light switch that keeps your data private by default.

The new Tuta logo enables you to turn on privacy.
We have recently changed our name from Tutanota to Tuta, and we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. To mark this occasion, we are now unveiling a fresh new look for the Tuta logo: the light switch that lets you turn on privacy the easy way. We are happy to celebrate the introduction of our new logo - another important step in bringing privacy to the world!

While we also liked the previous Tutanota logo - a path towards privacy - our new logo better symbolizes how easily you can achieve a more private life with Tuta:

It's as easy as turning on a light switch.

Animation of the new Tuta logo

As Tuta does not ask for phone numbers or any other identifiable information, you can literally sign up in less than one minute. We've tried it ourselves, the record to date is 27 seconds. That's how easy it is to turn on privacy with Tuta Mail, Tuta Calendar and Tuta Contacts!

New logo, same values

Screenshot of the Tuta Mail login page with the new Tuta logo From now on, you will be greeted with the new Tuta logo when logging in to your encrypted mailbox.

Our new logo - a light switch that brings privacy to you - much better represents what we at Tuta stand for: Making privacy and security easy. It is a great representation of our brand value as everyone can easily understand what it means and relate to the ease-of use: Everyone can turn on a light switch; there is no rocket science to it.

The rocket science, however, is hidden underneath. The electrical network that powers every light in our houses is very complex, yet, we can easily enjoy electricity by turning a switch without having to know the ins and outs of mega hertz, ampere or kilowatt. The same is true for Tuta. The complex, quantum-safe encryption is hidden so that you can enjoy the security and privacy without having to know the ins and outs of AES, asymmetric encryption, or post-quantum cryptography. If you are interested, however, check our post on cryptography basics and how we achieved quantum-safe encryption in Tuta Mail.

For a fulfilled social life, we need both the light of the public and the shade of the private sphere. We at Tuta believe that everyone should be able to choose what should be kept in each of these spaces. That's why we fight for your privacy with encryption.

New look for an ongoing mission

As we are in the process of giving our brand a new facelift - first with the new name and the short domain tuta.com and now with the new logo - Tuta at its core will stay the same:

Our path to create a better world

At Tuta we fight for privacy with technology. By developing the most secure email, calendar and contacts service - and an encrypted storage solution that is already in the works - we enable you to manage all your data securely and to communicate and collaborate confidentially online. With Tuta, we are revolutionizing the tech world: We enable you to quit the ad-based business model and to protect your data the way you deserve it.

Because everyone deserves privacy.

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