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2021-07-20 / First published: 2016-02-15
The secure email service Tutanota was the first encrypted email service, launched in March 2014. With its built-in encryption, Tutanota automatically secures the entire mailbox, address book, and now also a calendar. Tutanota is being praised by journalists and users alike for its innoative secure approach. Here's a collection of reviews focusing on Tutanota. Read on to decide whether it is time to make a fresh start with a Tutanota email address!

Tutanota is already being used by millions of people around the world who understand that normal emails are like postcards that can be read and analyzed easily - not just by Secret Services and malicious attackers, but also by the email services themselves that scan people's data to post targeted advertisements.

In this post, we collect reviews about Tutanota so that everyone can inform themselves about the pros and cons of using the privacy-friendly service Tutanota. Obviously the biggest pro is that you will stop third parties from exploiting your data. Check out our email encryption guide to learn how easy encrypted emails can be.

In this post, however, we want others to speak for us so keep reading!

Reviews of the new secure mail client

In 2018 we have rebuilt our webmail client as well as the Tutanota Android and iOS apps from scratch. With the new email client, we have much improved performance and design as well as added lots of new features such as secure full-text search and a secure password reset. We have published our Android app on F-Droid and released secure desktop clients for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

When choosing Tutanota, we recommend opting for our Premium version as this comes with much more extensive features than the Free version, such as unlimited search, inbox filters, alias addresses, the option to add a custom domain and many more. The UK magazine PCMag has published an awesome review about our Premium offering.

TechCrunch has reported on our surging sign-up rates in the midst of the WhatsApp privacy policy update earlier in 2021 that led to millions of people joining the secure messaging app Signal as well as encrypted mail services such as Tutanota.

Cybernews has reviewed Tutanota saying that everyone for whom "privacy is a must" should check out Tutanota! Their bottom line is: "Tutanota is more than spectacular when it comes to privacy and security options."

One of our users has written a great review on Reddit: "Looking at the new Tutanota email client and all its amazing new features (2FA, search, auto-sync), I simply can’t wait for the app update to go live. ... I recommend everyone to secure a good user name now. Tutanota is definitely the future of email, and has great potential in replacing mainstream email providers."

Restore Privacy is a well-respected site that informs people about privacy-friendly services and apps. They use Tutanota for their secure communication center and have now chosen Tutanota as the best email service for 2019.

Restore Privacy has also published the first review of our brand-new encrypted contact form: "All communications via the encrypted contact form remain fully encrypted and secured on Tutanota servers in Germany. ... Tutanota is recognized as an industry leader in encrypted email solutions."

AndroidMT has rated Tutanota 5 out of 5 stars (French review): "Non seulement le design est plus joli, mais l’architecture a été changée pour rendre l’interface plus rapide. Plus joli, plus rapide, c’est bien. Mais il y a une chose qui est très rare chez les services de ce type, c’est la recherche dans les e-mails."

Tutanota - open source email focusing on privacy and security

As the very first version of the Tutanota web client has been released in March 2014, there are now lots of reviews by journalists, tech bloggers and other privacy-friendly services to be found online.

We believe that the most honest reviews are the ones by our users. They are the ones who use Tutanota on a daily basis, who know it in and out, and who have been in contact with our support team.

Our users are also the ones who decide whether Tutanota is going to be a lasting success. Without our users and without their support, we would not have been able to build and improve Tutanota to its current state.

Secure email reviews by Tutanota users

It always makes us happy when users let us know how they experience Tutanota. That's why we start this extensive collection of secure email reviews with the ones published by our users.

In his Fight against Surveillance Capitalism Cspray recommends Tutanota: "As for replacing GMail, it is going to be really hard to find a provider that offers privacy and an ad-free experience for no cost. After much searching and evaluating my options I landed on Tutanota."

This user strongly recommends Tutanota because there are no content-based advertisements and no data scanning in Tutanota. His conclusion (if you're not using Tutanota already): "You should review your current email service to see if it is really worth to rely on it."

Journalist Dan Arel chose Tutanota as a Gmail alternative in his quest of getting rid of Google: "Given that Tutanota is open source, and they have a pipeline of amazing products in development, I pulled the trigger and moved my email there."

Open source is important to us explains our founder Matthias Pfau in an interview as "only with being open source, security experts can verify that our code does what we promise: protecting our users’ data to the maximum with built-in end-to-end encryption".

David writes that "Tutanota’s big feature is security. It’s not hosted in the United States. You can encrypt emails by clicking a button. It doesn’t sell your information to ad networks. It doesn’t leak your personal information when such ad networks or government agencies get hacked."

This user says: "I have several email addresses that claim to encrypt my data and even the email sent if the other user has an account with the same provider. All of them work well, but Tutanota is my favorite by far for many reasons."

Tutanota is private and secure email that does not scan or sell your data

This is one of the earliest reviews about Tutanota: "Sending an encrypted email in Tutanota is effortless, it does not require customers to manage encryption keys or know much about security. The system is compatible with insecure email services like Gmail or Yahoo. When you send a secure email to somebody who is not on Tutanota, instead of receiving the full text, they receive a message with a link inviting that person to visit Tutanota servers to read the encrypted email, only readable with the correct password and decrypted locally in the browser. By not sending the email message body, any organisation monitoring Internet traffic will not be able to intercept a copy of the encrypted data. A terrific way to stop mass surveillance on the Internet is to never let the data out on the wild web."

The Guardian recommends Tutanota as a GDPR-compliant email service.

NordVPN designates Tutanota as the top Gmail alternative, which makes us very proud.

The VPN comparison site Privacy Australia reviewed our secure email service, stating: "Tutanota as a secure email provider is one of our favorites. It features fantastic security (as it should) and an easy to use interface."

This review by Anonymster rates Tutanota 5 out of 5 stars. It summarizes Tutanota as "a good alternative to webmail services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail. Tutanota encrypts all your messages by means of end-to-end encryption. The software has been implemented with several new features that increased the usability of the service."

This review on itsfoss.com concludes that "Tutanota is a fantastic option to consider when you are thinking about choosing an email provider. The community seems vibrant, though haven’t needed to reach out to them for support since the product is dead simple, and it is easy to contribute to the project for those who so desire. Tutanota truly stands out in my mind as a straightforward, minimalist approach to encrypted communication. In a world that seemingly needs to pump more functionality into every product, Tutanota does to the opposite. There are no unnecessary features, no confusing language or crazy UI, just an awesome product that works as promised."

ProPrivacy has written a detailed article about Tutanota, including the advantages of offering an encrypted calendar along with contacts and emails.

Students at the University of Vienna have analyzed several mainstream apps (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) and their privacy-friendly alternatives. In their report they strongly recommend privacy-friendly apps such as Tutanota.

Comparing anonymous email services, this review says that Tutanota "is one of the best email solutions for those who are looking for complete anonymity over the internet."

TechCrunch calls Tutanota "an open source encrypted Gmail alternative".

VPNpro reviews Tutanota as "one of the leading lights" when it comes to secure emails.

This review rates Tutanota 4.4 out of 5 stars: "Overall, I find that Tutanota is a great "free" email client. ... The company is great - very responsive to app feedback and reviews - and very open about the encryption and methods that they use."

Tutanota is secure email made easy

This review says that Tutanota is "super easy to setup and use. Sending encrypted messages to other Tutanota users and outside users is a breeze as well. If you are interested in thwarting the over ominous eye of Big-Brother, you will find Tutanota to be a wonderfully useful tool for regaining some of your online privacy."

This review likes Tutanota as a Yahoo alternative because it is "clean simple and fast, [it offers] easy privacy particularly with other Tutanota users. Nice price and flexible upgrade plan." The biggest negative mentioned is that Tutanota does not have a search function, which it now has.

This review rates Tutanota as one of the best to send encrypted emails: "Tutanota is unique on this list of the best encrypted email service options because they offer free email encryption. Tutanota is open source and will always be free, and is licensed under GPL v3, which is important for an email encryption service to have."

Techadvisor reviews Tutanota as the privacy-friendly alternative among its best free email services of 2018: "Obviously for the most secure transmissions it would be best for both parties to be using Tutanota accounts, but thanks to the use of access passwords you can still converse with non-Tutanota users with little impact on your security or convenience."

This review says that Tutanota is "an anonymous email provider with automatic end-to-end encryption." It concludes: "Tutanota, on the whole, is a good basic privacy-centric email service. It offers end-to-end encryption for all aspects of email messages."

Softpedia writes that "Tutanota is one of the services that have become quite popular following the [Snowden] scandal. The webmail service offers end-to-end encryption that is extremely easy to use and that is enabled by default for all messages."

Tutanota is the secure email service that encrypts subject, content and all attachments

This review writes "Tutanota provides an easy way to send encrypted emails. ... It’s a good option if you don’t want your emails scanned by a free webmail service like Gmail.

CBR online writes that Tutanota "can encrypt all data including subject, email content and all attachments automatically in the background without requiring any software installation for encryption."

This comparison of secure mail services states that Tutanota "surpasses the performance of its competitors with its end-to-end encryption and by disclosing the entire source code. ... The end-to-end encryption, even for users without a Tutanota account, can hardly be surpassed in terms of simplicity, and Tutanota is the first to offer the opportunity to encrypt simply but securely."

This article says "Tutanota is based in Germany. European email providers are governed by stronger privacy laws. Tutanota stores messages encrypted at rest, even if they were sent in plain text. Its software is open source, which allows security researchers to check it for holes and bugs. Its basic service comes free and premium runs €1 per month."

This review says Tutanota is easy to use and absolutely fair. Plus, Tutanota is the only email provider with an encrypted contact form.

Thanks to everyone writing reviews about Tutanota and for spreading the word about the importance of privacy.

Secure mail team

Together we can stop mass surveillance and take back what belongs to us: our data.

If you have written a review about Tutanota, please get in touch so that we can add your review! As our new mail client comes with lots of improvements compared to the old client, we would particularly be interested in reviews about the new client.

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