Security for all: Recommend Tutanota to your friends! πŸŽ‰

Tutanota has launched a refer-a-friend program so that you can both benefit.

Bring privacy to your friends with the Tutanota referral program!
Everyone deserves privacy! That's why Tutanota is now launching a refer-a-friend program. As a Tutanota user, you can now refer Tutanota to your friends and family, even to your doctor or lawyer, and you both benefit.

Everyone deserves privacy

At Tutanota, we are not satisfied with the current setup of the Internet. While huge corporations like Google and Facebook benefit by tracking you, privacy-friendly alternatives are not reaching the mainstream because they do not use tracking-based ads to maximize their user base.

That's where you come in: You already understand that privacy and security are important - otherwise you would not be using the encrypted email and calendar service Tutanota. Now, you have the ultimate chance to spread privacy - and benefit at the same time!

Tutanota referral program

Refer a friend to Tutanota and you both win freebies!

If your friends subscribe to Tutanota for one year, you will get credits for 25% of all payments they make within the first month, including their initial payment, and they will get one additional free month (13 months instead of 12).

Just go to Admin Settings -> Refer a friend and you'll find your personal referral link to share.


  • Every Tutanota customer can refer friends

  • Referees can sign up with a free or paid account

  • 25% of all referral payments made within the first month will be credited to your account

  • You can invite as many people to Tutanota as you like

  • Credits made to your account can be used to pay your Tutanota invoices

  • Credits made to your account will not be paid out

Please note: The Tutanota referral program is only meant for inviting people you know. We may terminate contracts with people who spam or bulk mail their referral links.

For up-to-date details on our referral program, please check our FAQ