U2F support is now also available on Android and iOS.

Celebrate with us the new release of Tutanota!

Big improvements have come to the Tutanota apps: U2F support & share-to option.
We've just brought great improvements to the Tutanota Android and iOS apps: You can now use USB or NFC hardware token to secure your login credentials on the Tutanota apps. This update shows once more that Tutanota excels in security and privacy!

We are happy to announce that we have updated the Tutanota apps for Android and iOS. This release shows that security is paramount in Tutanota as we strive to bring to you the most secure email service.

U2F support on all clients

Both apps, iOS and Android, now support U2F keys - the most secure way to protect your login credentials. This update complements the release earlier this year when we added U2F support to the desktop clients.

Here we explain why U2F is important and why it is the most secure option for two factor authentication.

You can now use hardware security tokens on iOS & Android if your device supports USB or NFC hardware tokens.

We recommend to set up two factor authentication in Tutanota now to protect your login from malicious attacks such as phishing.

Please also write down your recovery code shown to you when adding a second factor!

Share-to on iOS

You can now also use the share-to option of many apps to directly attach files or images or add text to a new email in Tutanota on your iPhone or iPad. On Android this function was already supported.

This should work flawlessly for most apps now.

Due to the unlimited number of apps, it is possible, however, that Tutanota appears in the share menu of some apps, but does not yet understand the attachments of these apps, or some apps might not even appear in the share menu.

In such cases it would help us a lot if you could get in touch so that we can support common apps that were not yet included in this release.

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You can check here all the features that we have already added to Tutanota, including Pin/biometrics unlock for the Tutanota apps.

For future updates, please check our roadmap.