Revolutionary changes ahead

Our plans for 2023 and beyond!

Tutanota will remain the most secure email service - but it will also be so much more!
Earlier this year, thousands of you answered our Tutanota survey. Based on your replies and based on lots of feedback that we receive via social media and via support, we are excited to announce strategic changes for Tutanota!

At Tutanota, we are committed to delivering the highest quality secure email and calendar service. Over the past months, we have made significant advancements to enhance your experience and ensure the utmost security of your valuable data.

For instance, we have added:

⚡️ U2F on all devices

⚡️ Biometrics & pin unlock on mobile

⚡️ Offline mode on all devices

⚡️ Subfolders

⚡️ Conversation View

⚡️ Advanced calendar repeat rules

⚡️ Refer a friend option

⚡️ Select all

⚡️ UX improvements for better accessibility

These constant advancements are highly appreciated by our community. They improve usability of Tutanota and allow encrypted emails to become mainstream. While this is great news for all of us, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture and what most of our users expect from Tutanota - not just in regards to small improvements, but also in regards to the next big thing!

So now, we are excited to share some larger projects and improvements for Tutanota!

New product

We have carefully evaluated what our users would like to see next in Tutanota. Based on our recently commenced survey the two most requested features are:

  • Update to post-quantum secure encryption (~19,4%)
  • Encrypted Drive solution (~13,1%)

We are very happy that we can now announce that both improvements are planned with one project: A post-quantum secure drive solution for securely storing and sharing data online.

We have acquired funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for this project; watch out for the official launch announcement within the next few months! 🥳

Based on our post-quantum secure prototype for encrypting emails, we will develop a drive solution with the same level of security as well as publish the post-quantum secure prototype of our email client for all Tutanota users.

Regardless of these larger projects, rest assured that we will continue to improve email and calendar features as our growing team can take on several tasks simultaneously. Check our roadmap to see upcoming improvements.

New name

When we started out with Tutanota in 2011 - which in Latin means "secure message" - everything was about email, so the name "secure message" was a prefect match. Today, Tutanota also has a zero-knowledge calendar and will soon have other functionalities as well.

Thus, we are in the middle of evaluating options for a new name.

Paramount in this decision is that the new name will also include a very short .com domain that we are going to offer to all our paying users exclusively.

Watch out for upcoming announcements in this regard!

New plans

Since we launched our first paid plans in 2015, our Premium price did not change. While we added lots of features like secure search on encrypted data, offline mode, compression of all email to save storage capacity, we never increased the price. The low entry price of 1 euro per month remained the same.

However, many of you have complained about several issues with the current pricing structure - which is related to the low entry price for Premium. People overwhelmingly want

In addition to that, we frequently get the feedback that our pricing model which lets you flexibly add extensions such as larger storage and alias packages is too complex and confusing.

For that matter - and in the light of the fact that we are soon enabling email import and that we are going to build a drive solution - we are planning to offer different packages in the future.

While the actual packages are not finally defined, yet, we can already announce this:

  • New paid plans will have more storage and alias email addresses included.
  • Storage and email alias addresses will be calculated per user.
  • Most functionalities (e.g. calendar invites, calendar sharing, offline support, unlimited search) will be available in all paid plans.
  • Main differentiator between paid plans will be amount of storage and number of email addresses.

The new plans will be much more extensive in regards to features, storage and email alias addresses, thus, the price will also be higher than the current basic Premium price of 1 euro per month.

Regardless of the upcoming changes, we can assure you that subscribers of any current Tutanota plan can stay on their currently chosen plan at the current price - even when it renews.

Privacy for the world

As you can see, there's a lot on our plate, but with your continuous support we are certain that we can make this change happen! Our upcoming changes will bring added value to all of our users - in terms of security and usability.

Our vision remains clear: We want to make security and privacy easily accessible to everyone.

Thank you for your continued support as we embark on this exciting chapter together.

With Tutanota you have absolute certainty that you will never pay with your data.

Together we will bring privacy to the world!