Tutanota Introduces the Most Private Smartphone: the UnaPhone Zenith

We have partnered with Una to bring to you the most private and secure smartphone: the UnaPhone Zenith. We at Tutanota and Una believe that a phone should not be your personal surveillance device, but simply your personal phone, where all the data remains with you and cannot be exploited.

We call it: the Anti-Google Phone!

Una has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the Zenith to life. The UnaPhone Zenith is the first truly secure and private Android smartphone without any compromises. It doesn’t use any Google services, shady apps or strange permissions.

With the Zenith you can stay calm knowing that you are never tracked and that your data is never being sold. The phone comes with the most secure open source third party apps. Of course, the Tutanota App is already pre-installed.

We hope you share our passion for privacy and support this project. Personally, we are thrilled that there will be a phone available making sure that our data cannot be abused - not even by the carrier. We can't wait to get a Zenith ourselves!

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