Results of the Tutanota poll

We have asked your opinion about the encrypted email service Tutanota. Here are the results!

2021-07-05 / First published: 2020-04-07
Earlier this year, we have asked what you think about Tutanota, and thousands of you took part in our questionnaire. We would like to thank you for your honest and open feedback. Here are the most important results and insights into how your answers will influence our development!

People around the world are increasingly joining Tutanota, and we regularly ask our new and long-term users for their reasons for switching email providers and also what they expect from Tutanota, now and in the future. Obviously, the most important reasons are privacy and security. But let's dive into the results.

Most used clients

Earlier this year, we have pushed the Tutanota desktop clients out of beta. As there is absolutely no tracking in Tutanota, it was interesting for us to know what clients are used to what extend. As it turns out, most users check their emails on their phones daily.

Our desktop clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux - then still in beta - were already used by more than half of our users at least daily. The web client is not used as much. However, occasionally almost everyone uses the web client to login to their Tutanota mailbox.

Most used Tutanota mail clients.

As a result, we can say that all Tutanota clients, mobile, desktop and web are equally important. We will continue our approach to develop all clients simultaneously and keep the clients as similarly to each other as possible, not just in appearance, but also in regards to features!

Most important Tutanota characteristics

This graph shows what is most important to our users.

It is important to me that Tutanota...

The graph shows that our users love that Tutanota focuses on security and privacy, has no advertisements, is an alternative to Gmail, is open source and has affordable prices.

Being a green email service and supporting NGOs is only important to around half of our users, but maybe the reason for this is that not so many users know about these benefits.

How would you describe Tutanota?

Our users think that Tutanota is...

Our users think that Tutanota is..

Most of our users agree that Tutanota is privacy-friendly, secure, reliable, and easy to use. More than two thirds say Tutanota is fast and about half our users say that Tutanota is beautiful.

In 2021, we rephrased this question a little bit and asked the following:

Based on your experience, how would you apply the following attributes to Tutanota?

The following attributes match Tutanota perfectly

Here we see very well that expectations are perfectly matched with the perception of Tutanota: To almost all respondents, Tutanota is private, secure, and "a brand I can trust". This result is particularly important as "trust" becomes more and more important when deciding what online services to use.

Satisfaction with support

It is amazing to see, particularly compared to most online services, how happy our users are with our support team. This is probably down to the fact that when you need to contact the Tutanota support, you are talking to real humans. In case there is a technical issue, our developers themselves are looking into the issue, which can sometimes take a bit longer. Nevertheless, our users are still very happy with how and how fast our support team replies to their emails.

Satisfaction with the Tutanota support team was very high in 2020 (and has remained the same in 2021).

Satisfaction with the Tutanota support

Reason for upgrading

We've also asked our paying users why they decided to pay for Tutanota. The top reasons for upgrading were:

  • "I wanted to add aliases."
  • "I wanted to add my own domain."
  • "I wanted to use the advanced search feature."
  • "I didn't need to upgrade, but wanted to support this open source project."

Missing feature

One of the most important questions to our users is, of course, what features are missing in Tutanota and should be added next. In 2020, most people mentioned that they would love to see the following features (multiple answers were possible):

  • tags / labels / subfolders (35%)
  • conversation view (33,3%)
  • out-of-office notifications (33%)
  • offline support (25,5%)
  • import (23,2%)

As features are also the most important factor that we need to improve in comparison to other email services, we will continue focusing on adding user requests to your encrypted mailbox. Since the last time, we asked our users for feedback, we have implemented the autoresponder (out-of-office notifications) and we are currently implementing two major improvements for Tutanota: We are working on offline mode and preparing the servers for email import.

This mirrors also what users expect from us: They want the developers to spend the most time on features and design improvements. Not so much time should be allocated to security improvements. This is understandable when one keeps in mind that our users already perceive Tutanota as one of the most secure online service out there - and rightly so!

Some time should also be allocated to speed improvements and a little bit of time should be spent on support.

What would you like to see the developers spend time on?

Our growing development team works hard to add new features on a monthly, sometimes even weekly basis. We also plan to increase our team by at least four more developers this year to speed up development further.

We are very thankful to our awesome community who helps us achieve this continuous growth. We grow organically according to the rising number of paying users.

Upgrading to one of the paid plans also comes with a lot of benefits. Check them out.

Thank you for your support! 🙂

The team behind your open source email alternative.