Meet the secure mail client of the future: We invite you all to join Tutanota's public beta.

Use Tutanota's brand-new secure mail client in the browser, with the apps for Android and iOS or with the desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Tutanota safeguards all your data with its built-in encryption - fast, easy and secure.

On October 3rd 1990 German re-unification enabled millions of people in the former German Democratic Republic to make use of freedom of speech and their right to privacy. 27 years later, in celebration of this great victory against state surveillance, we are releasing our brand-new encrypted mail client of Tutanota! We invite everybody to join this exciting journey of making encrypted emails not only easy and secure, but also enjoyable.

Here you can login and join the public beta of our brand-new mail client and celebrate with us the day we Germans peacefully put an end to the surveillance state GDR. Today we celebrate our rights to freedom of speech and privacy! We invite all of you to join our celebration and to make use of encryption whenever possible so that together we can also put an end to online mass surveillance.

Update: The new Tutanota email client has been published: The Future of Emails Is Private with Tutanota's New Email Client: Fast, Secure, Beautiful.

Brand-new mail client developed from scratch

Screenshot Secure Mail Client: Write Mail

This is our biggest update to Tutanota since we have started building our secure mail client with automatic encryption almost six years ago. After elaborate scrutiny by our enthusiastic private beta testers, the time has come to put Tutanota to the final test: your examination. We have rebuilt Tutanota from scratch to give it a fresh design, to improve performance and to make it fit for the future. The modern look might not be important for many of our privacy-focused users, who simply like the fact that Tutanota comes fully encrypted by default - and we heartily thank you for having used Tutanota even when it was 'just a normal looking' mail client.

Our long-term goal, however, is that Tutanota will one day replace mainstream mail providers like Gmail, which stopped its end-to-end encryption project, and Yahoo - no idea why people are still using Yahoo after they allowed US authorities to spy on all their users. And for this a fresh and modern look is essential because we also want people to use our secure mail service even when they do not care about privacy at all - while of course they should! Once we achieve this, mass surveillance online will simply become impossible.

The kickstart to rebuild our secure mail client came a bit out of the blue, but just at the right time!

A fresh design for our secure mail client

We did have plans to completely redesign and rebuild Tutanota for a while already, when we received a very interesting email from one of our users about one year ago: Mike Finch, a brilliant designer with a strong passion for privacy volunteered to redesign Tutanota as he loved our mail client, but thought there was room for improvement.

Screenshot Secure Mail Client: email encryption

We agreed, and only a couple of days later we received his design suggestions. We loved his ideas so much that we had to start working on our brand-new Tutanota mail client right away. Everything you are seeing now: The light colors, the pop-up when writing a new mail, all this comes out of the hands of Mike Finch, and we can't thank him enough for all the work that he has put into Tutanota! This is one - of many examples - how the Tutanota community helps us to bring the easiest to use secure mail client to the world and to spread privacy online! Feel free to join the movement.

Secure mails can be read in dark theme

Screenshot Secure Mail Client: dark theme

Added to our very light GUI, Tutanota now also supports a dark theme - one of the most voted for features by our community. You can easily switch to dark theme mode on the login screen of Tutanota.

Performance improvement for your secure mails

Another focus when rebuilding Tutanota was speed: With our beta release the encrypted Tutanota mail client now performs much faster than before. This performance improvement is particularly crucial for mobile devices, and will make Tutanota fit for new features to be added in the future.

Automatic synchronization of your secure mails

Tutanota beta now supports full synchronization so that the Tutanota beta mailbox can be used simultaneously on several devices or in several browsers without any issue. Please note: Synchronization with the Tutanota apps is not yet possible. This will become available once we add our encrypted mail apps to this beta test.

Short-cuts for ease of use

To make your experience within your secure Tutanota mailbox even easier and faster, we have added lots of short-cuts to the new beta client. Please click on F1 (Fn+F1) to view all available short-cuts in any opened window. In addition the beta allows you to mark emails as read/unread. You are now also able to open additional tabs of your Tutanota mailbox (ie. Contacts, Settings, etc.) with a right-click of your mouse.

2FA to further secure your mail login

At Tutanota we can't reset your password so that no-one can access your encrypted mail account by abusing standard reset functions. Instead we plan to add a secure way to reset your Tutanota password soon.

To further secure your mail login we have now added two-factor authentication (2FA) via U2F and TOTP. 2FA makes sure that no-one can access your secure mail account even in the unlikely case that they get access to your login password (e.g. by hiding a keylogger on your device).

Please note: 2FA is not yet available in the Tutanota iOS & Android apps. Once you activate 2FA in the new mail client, you will for now not be able to access Tutanota via the apps. We will add the iOS & Android apps to this beta in the coming months. Then the apps will also support 2FA. You can find more details about 2FA in our FAQ.

Security features added to beta mail client

Our new mail client now also supports the Content Security Policy (CSP). While Tutanota already uses sanitizers to prevent XSS attacks on the Tutanota client, the now added CSP helps to further reduce XSS risks on modern browsers by declaring what dynamic resources are allowed to load via a HTTP Header. This makes it impossible for attackers to inject malicious code into the Tutanota mail client. CSP has recently been added to all modern browsers so it makes sense for Tutanota to now support this improved security feature as well.

New mail client is open source

As developers we love open source, and we regularly build and run open source apps by getting the code directly from GitHub. Now, that we have completely rebuilt Tutanota, we have also published the new code as open source. Publishing Tutanota as open source has been important to us from the start. Today not only our web client, but also our mobile apps for Android and iOS are available as open source software, published under GPLv3.

We are now managing all bug reports on GitHub as well. So if you are a developer and experience a bug in Tutanota, you can directly add your report here.

Top SSL rating for Tutanota mail client

At Tutanota we focus on usability and security. That's why - on top of the built-in end-to-end encryption - we use the best SSL encryption possible. Our SSL certificate is an extended validation certificate, and Tutanota also supports DNSSEC, DMARC, DKIM, PFS & STARTTLS. Our new mail client receives an A rating on SSLLabs and on

Old mail client still available

In case you prefer to use the old mail client, you can do this. However, we are not improving this client anymore. We recommend using the new mail client and giving us feedback via social media which features you like and which ones you would like to see changed or added! This way you help us improve our brand-new mail client even further so that it fits everybody's need.

New mail client not yet available for iOS & Android apps

The new mail client is currently only available as webmail. Of course you can access the new mail client on any device in the browser, also on mobile devices. However, the Tutanota mail apps for iOS and Android are currently based on the old mail client. We plan to add the Tutanota iOS and Android apps to this beta test in the coming months.

Login here to try out our new mail client!

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