Release Notes: Unlimited Custom Domain Email Addresses & Shared Mailboxes.

With this release you can create shared mailboxes and as many custom domain email addresses as you like!

Easily create as many email addresses as you need with your own domain!
We are excited to let you know that we have released some awesome - and long awaited for - improvements for Tutanota: Unlimited custom domain email addresses and shared mailboxes.

Unlimited email addresses

When using your own domain in Tutanota, you can now add as many email addresses as you like with your own domain. This brand new feature is available in all new plans (Revolutionary, Legend & Essential, Advanced, Unlimited). We hope that you join our privacy revolution and honor this improvement by switching to one of the new plans!

In case you are still using the legacy Premium plan for 1 euro per month, please keep in mind that Premium plus 100 alias email addresses would have added up to 3 euros per month as well - the same price as the new Revolutionary plan.

The custom domain email addresses are not counted towards your limit of 15 or 30 email addresses. This means you can create up to 30 Tutanota email addresses (depending on your plan) as well as unlimited custom domain email addresses.

In addition, you can activate catch-all for your own domain so that you receive all emails sent to your domain, regardless of whether you set up a specific email address or not.

Shared mailboxes

Tutanota is not just about securing your own data online. It's very much about sharing data securely: calendars, contact lists, and now mailboxes - all of these can be shared easily and end-to-end encrypted!

Shared mailboxes are additional mailboxes that also come with extra storage and alias email addresses, just like normal Tutanota users within your account. The new innovation about shared mailboxes is that you can display these mailboxes in multiple users. This means, for instance, you can have a shared family email address or a shared company support address that multiple people within your account have full access to.

With these mailboxes multiple people can send and receive messages using the same email address as well as see all emails sent and received with this email address. There is no need to login to another account as shared mailboxes are displayed below your personal mailbox in all Tutanota clients: web, desktop clients and mobile apps.

The owner of a Tutanota account can order shared mailboxes in Settings → Shared mailboxes and assign users as members of these mailboxes. Each shared mailbox costs as much as a single user (depending on your current plan) and gets the same amount of storage and email addresses.

Users of shared mailboxes can send unencrypted SMTP emails as well as encrypted emails within Tutanota. Sending of encrypted emails to external recipients is not supported; please use your personal mailbox for this.

Learn more about shared mailboxes in our FAQ or checkout our YouTube tutorial for a guided tour.

Upgrade now and make use of all new features in Tutanota!

Read more on this release under 3.118.6 of our changelog.