Release Notes: Fixed Security Bug in Android App

In case you are already using Android 6 with cloud backups switched on and stored your Tutanota password in the app, please update the Tutanota app immediately to version 2.9.6; then change your password.

The new version of the Tutanota app should go live on the Google Playstore soon, but you can also get it from us.

This security issue only effects you if

  • you use Android 6,
  • you have not disabled cloud backups,
  • and you stored your password in the Tutanota app.

Since Google has decided to backup all app data by default beginning with Android 6, your password might have been stored on their servers and compromised. The new Tutanota app version prevents this behavior. After updating the app, please change your password immediately.

We are very sorry about this bug. At Tutanota we focus on security and transparency. That's why we fixed this bug immediately and informed you about it. Thank you for sharing our passion for privacy!

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