Release Notes 2.2.2: Signatures, Design Improvements and More.

We are very happy to release Tutanota 2.2.2 today! We have added a default signature to all your emails, which you can change to your personal favorite. However, you would do us a great favor if you also kept our statement underneath your emails!

This is what we have done:

  • Users can configure a signature in 'Settings' → 'Email'.
  • Mail address of the logged in user is shown in the browser title.
  • Login and registration page re-design.
  • Tutanota for Outlook and Tutanota Premium administrators can configure a custom logo in 'Settings' → 'Display' which is shown instead of the Tutanota logo for all their users and external recipients.

We have also done some bug-fixing:

  • Fixed a bug where an account was not usable in case of incomplete registration.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Please recommend Tutanota to your friends, in person or via Facebook or Twitter.

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