Release Notes: Encrypted email provider Tutanota supports DKIM for custom domains.

Secure your custom domain emails with Tutanota - the email service with built-in encryption.

We are happy to announce that we have updated Tutanota: With this release, encrypted email provider Tutanota supports DKIM and DMARC for custom email domains. While we have supported DKIM for Tutanota domains from the start, the demand from our growing number of Premium users required that we now add DKIM support for custom domains to our secure email service.


Tutanota now supports signing of emails sent from your custom domain addresses with DKIM. DKIM signed emails are in less risk to be regarded as spam by the recipients' email providers.

In addition to DKIM you can also enable DMARC for your custom email domain by adding a DMARC DNS entry. Please make sure you know what you are doing because strict DMARC policies can lead to unintentional rejection of your emails.

DKIM to complete your secure business emails

DKIM is the last module that was missing to make Tutanota perfect for business use. With Tutanota you can securely host all emails in full GDPR-compliance on our servers based in Germany, knowing that no one can access your company's encrypted data.

Tutanota offers extensive whitelabel options, multi-user support, flexible access on mobile, web and desktop, as well as Secure Connect - an encrypted contact form that can be placed on your website.

Enable DKIM for your custom email domain

In order to enable DKIM signing for your custom email domain you have to create two DNS entries for your domain.

In the Tutanota Settings, you can now check and manage the DKIM and DMARC configuration for your own email domain(s) under "Global Settings" -> "Custom email domains".

DKIM domain status in the Tutanota email client