We are very happy to welcome Vitor to the Tutanota Team.

The Tutanota team now consists of eight passionate freedom fighters, and we are looking for more.

We are excited that Vitor has joined our team. Vitor is a highly qualified software engineer with a strong passion for privacy and security - a perfect match for our team. It is a great success for Tutanota and for our entire team that we can continuously hire more developers and speed up the development of your secure email service.

Making Tutanota quantum-resistant

Vitor has joined our team to make Tutanota resistant against attacks from quantum computers. With the rise of quantum computers, currently used algorithms to secure your private data will be of no avail. That's why we plan to update the algorithms of Tutanota in the near future.

We have to make sure that Tutanota is ready well before quantum computers become a reality. Vitor is currently learning everything he needs to know about the Tutanota code by fixing bugs and adding small features. Soon he will also join our efforts in making Tutanota resistant against potential attacks from quantum computers.

Software developers must fight for privacy

We are very happy that Vitor has joined our team, not just because of his excellent programming skills, but also because of his passion for privacy:

"Back when I was a student interested in computers I thought digital security was cool but that some people took it too seriously and were borderline paranoid. After the Snowden disclosures I learned that nobody was taking it seriously enough. By that time, I was fully immersed in the Google ecosystem and even had a Facebook account, and I felt attacked, powerless, violated."

"That was my awakening to the fact that people's ignorance (and sometimes apathy) about their digital privacy was being taken advantage of by corporations and governments alike and leading to a dystopia I thought was only possible in science fiction. Eventually I realized that as a software developer I was in a good position to fight back, to apply all my knowledge and skills to a cause I truly believe in, and so I eventually left my job and started immersing myself more and more into the digital privacy and security world, because I knew this was the best way I could help protect liberty and democracy in the digital era."

"In that context I started following the work of Tutao, and I quickly became aware that this is one of the few companies out there that actually cares about users' privacy, and that it was indeed led by people who shared my values. So when I learned about the job opening, I knew I had to apply."

Get in touch!

And we are very happy that he did! Are you a software developer and feel the same way about privacy and security? Please send us your application.

We are continuously looking for qualified people to join our development team here in Hanover, Germany. At Tutanota we are growing our team organically along with the rising number of Premium and Pro users. This business model enables us to continuously improve Tutanota, without relying on big investor's money.

We are very happy that Vitor is now joining our efforts to improve Tutanota. We plan to add many more features to our email clients, our encrypted calendar, as well as implement completely new additions such as encrypted notes, encrypted cloud storage and more.

With our growing team and our continuous improvements, it is getting easier to leave Google by the day.