We are very happy to welcome Ivan to our team. Will you join next?

At Tutanota we are growing our team organically along with the rising number of paid subscriptions. This business model enables us to continuously improve Tutanota, without relying on big investor's money. Our team now consists of seven passionate freedom fighters.

Please welcome with us our new team member: Ivan. Ivan has used Tutanota for more than a year already when he received one of our mails that inform all our users about important updates to Tutanota. In this mail, we also asked for passionate privacy advocates to join our development team. Without thinking twice, Ivan applied. Now he is already working on building the new Android app. And with his passion and development skills combined, it won't take long until the new app is going to be released!

Ivan has a clear vision for the Internet of the future: "I see the web of the future as an embodiment of its original vision: federated, not controlled by a couple of big players. I see people taking back control over their digital lives, their data and the services they use. Services should be able to talk to each other. The best federated platform we have today is email. But to not let it become a walled garden controlled by one company, we have to do some work. We have to be better than the tech giants and I'm going to work hard to make it happen."

"Privacy should not be a luxury for the rich and tech-savvy, it should be a basic human right."

Ivan fits perfectly to our team, not just because he is an excellent developer, but more importantly because of his passion for privacy: "I've always known that the government was spying on people but until a certain point I didn't realize how much huge corporations track our every move. I did not think that there's a way to prevent this other than not using computers completely."

"Then I learned that some people, like the Tutanota team, did not give up, that they resist surveillance, that there's another way. I quit mainstream social media for Mastodon and started to move from big corporations to privacy-oriented services."

"Over time I became a fan of Tutanota because of the stance for privacy and free software. I believe that I have skills required to help Tutanota's mission and that the best thing I could do to support them is to join the team. Privacy should not be a luxury for the rich and tech-savvy, it should be a basic human right."

Tutanota will become the go-to open source email service

With his passion for privacy and open source, Ivan sets high standard towards improving Tutanota further. At the moment he and Bernd are replacing GCM for push notifications in the Tutanota Android app to prepare the app for our upcoming release on F-Droid.

We at Tutanota are fully committed to open source, and removing Google services such as GCM from our app is essential to achieve our goal to leave Google.

New mail client with substantial improvements

Our new mail client as well as our Android and iOS app are fully open source. You can notify us about bugs - or even help fixing them - on GitHub.

Ivan is currently adding all new features of our new mail client - such as better speed & design, 2FA, auto-sync - to the Tutanota Android app. The new mail client with its fresh and modern design along with its improved performance has proven to be a huge success with our users already.

Screenshot Secure Mail Client: Write Mail

Organic growth for independence

At Tutanota we prefer to grow organically rather than extremely fast. We deliberately abstain from big money from big investors - particularly from American investors.

Growing organically is extremely important to us as it guarantees one thing: We remain independent and can decide for ourselves what we develop next, and how. Only by remaining independent we can make sure that no one can influence our development and that no one can force us to integrate a backdoor. Others can also verify that by checking our open source code.

Will You Be Next to Join Our Team?

Our team now consists of seven passionate freedom fighters: Anton, Arne, Bernd, Hanna, Ivan, Matthias and Meike. At Tutanota, we invest all income we generate from selling Tutanota Premium directly into growing our team. This year we plan to add more developers to the team so if you are as privacy-enthusiastic as Ivan and willing to move to Hanover, please get in touch.

Check out how our developers are improving Tutanota: Try our new mail client today!

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