Fake News: After Recent Scandal Trump Family Turns Towards Encryption.

**Fake news alert: This post is of course not true and was meant as a joke. We at Tutanota respect and value everybody's privacy and would never reveal any personal data about any user. We apologize for any misunderstanding and will refrain from parody in the future.**

Please read here how we make sure that you can use Tutanota for anonymous email and how you can leave Google and other privacy-intruding services behind and take back your right to privacy.


After the recent scandal revealing that Trump campaign aides have had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence in 2016, the entire Trump family seems to turn towards encryption to protect their private communication. Several encrypted Tutanota mailboxes were registered yesterday alone with distinct names of Trump family members.

The NSA routinely monitors the communications of foreign intelligence services. As part of that the secret service captured the calls between Mr. Trump’s associates and the Russians reported the New York Times. Then the FBI asked the NSA to collect as much information as possible on this, and analyze troves of previously intercepted communications.

Privacy is much needed in times of NSA-leaks and fake news

Now the Trump family seems to have learnt from those early mistakes during the presidential electoral campaign. They have learnt that everything that happens online will be copied by the NSA and can be read and analyzed at a later stage. By using encrypted Tutanota emails, the Trump family can now hide their conversations from the all-seeing NSA - and from the fake-news media outlets.

This move is very important for the Trump family. Unlike other Presidents before him, Donald Trump has not completely separated his office and his business empire by handing over the latter to his sons. This has been widely criticised and another media made-up scandal might just loom over the presidential family.

Now that Donald Trump's children are in charge of his business empire, they wouldn't dare to talk about anything that is going on in the Oval Office. Because, well, that would just be unfair. So UNFAIR.

Encrypt private communication to prevent misinterpretation

However, the Trump family has to make sure that their private communication cannot be misinterpreted by the media to produce another fake news.

Tutanota's encrypted emails are just the perfect tool for Donald Trump as it is not only secure but at the same time as easy as his previous Gmail account. Sources say, he did try to use Signal, but gave up again because Donald Trump claimed that it was too difficult for his big hands to type on a tiny phone display.

Was it really and truly the Trump family who signed up for the secure mail accounts? We honestly can't say because we don't track IP addresses. But we can confirm that those encrypted mail accounts have been registered. And we are pretty sure that the entire Trump family is in dire need for some privacy.

If only to prevent more fake news.

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