Kicking Off 2024 Right: We Welcome 5 New Members to the Tuta Team! ๐Ÿ˜

2023 has brought lots of changes to Tuta: new name, new domain - and most excitingly lots of new team members! In 2024, we'll continue this exciting path. Welcome with us five new team members who are joining our fight for privacy!

We are excited to announce that in the last two months five people have joined the Tuta team. We are getting close to 30 people working at Tuta, fighting for privacy, and making sure that your emails and calendars stay private.

Our growing team has achieved a lot in 2023 with introducing our new domain, unlimited email addresses for custom domains and major calendar improvements, now we plan to bring even more features to your secure email and calendar app Tuta.

Tuta Mail & Calendar features added in 2023

And this list continues: In 2024 we have introduced full contact sync on mobile and released our largest update ever: post-quantum secure encryption. This new encryption method if now used for new Tuta signups and we will gradually roll out this security enhancement to all existing users, even free ones. At Tuta we never limit any security feature behind a paywall because we fight for everyone's privacy - not just the privacy of people who can pay for it.

Tuta Mail will remain free forever. But if you'd like to support our growing team, do join our privacy revolution with Revolutionary! Check here what features you get with a paid compared to a free Tuta account.

We expect that many more people will join our team here in Hanover in 2024 so if you are passionate not only about privacy, but also about programming, be sure to apply with us!

Introducing Rick

Whenever I take the first baby-bite of a cookie my brain-soup gets a jolt, that was nice, let's get some more. On the second bite my brain starts to notice that it actually is a bit too sweet for my taste. From the third bite on all my brain whispers is "MY GOD, ALL THAT SUGAR, WHYYYYYY".

As you can imagine I am not the biggest fan of cookies, especially not the tracking kind, and yet almost every website assumes I would like to gobble up cookies from them and their 1000+(!?!) "partners". What for? To reduce us all to points of data? To compare and contrast? To label and categorise? To bombard our subconscious with "personalised" ads to produce desire?

Just like Bartleby, I would prefer not to. Not to be bombarded with ads. Not to be assigned labels. Not to be reduced to data. And not to accept all these cookies.

There is a growing movement against these trends, a movement that respects our humanity instead of viewing us as bottomless data-mines, and Tuta is at the forefront of this movement. With an easy-to-use fully encrypted service Tuta brings privacy to one of the cornerstones of your online identity, email.

I am currently working on my thesis on improving the accessibility of the Tuta CAPTCHA. Software accessibility is often overlooked when creating a product, so when Tuta brought up the accessibility of their CAPTCHA as a possible thesis subject without me having expressed my interest in accessibility I became even more excited to move to Hanover! That's when I joined the team, and I have not regretted it one moment to date.

Introducing Reed

I joined Tuta because it is one of the few service providers consistently trusted by the privacy community, and I believe I can help make it even better. Email encryption is hard to do right, and Tuta shows that it can indeed be done.

While working at Tuta, I enjoy the care-free atmosphere and enthusiasm of the team. As a developer, it is always satisfying to work on something you actually use. It also helps me understand the product I am using: since trust is always a big topic when it comes to encryption services, I am glad that Tuta is open source so that everyone can see what is going on under the hood and know that everything is in order.

As a long time privacy enthusiast and open source contributor, I firmly believe the right to privacy is a fundamental human right. Grown up in one surveillance state and lived in another for a decade, I understand how important the right of privacy is, and how much of an impact it can have on someone's life. โ€œI have nothing to hide so I donโ€™t care about privacyโ€ โ€“ the most common argument against a strong protection of privacy โ€“ is simply a false argument to begin with. We need to get out of the established window and see the real problem: the debate shall not be about how much privacy individuals need, but about why disclosures of private information without consent are acceptable at all. I believe that everyone shall have a choice over their own lives, and an open and free Internet, without the fear of large scale surveillance and data collection looming, is certainly one of the keystones of that vision.

Introducing Lena

Before joining Tuta, I considered myself to be the average internet user โ€“ with social media sites and little worry about my online presence. But as I become more aware of the current state of the internet and big tech, Iโ€™ve realized how important companies like Tuta are.

As a South African new to Germany, I can easily say that I am proud to be part of this family-orientated company fighting for a good cause, in an ethical way! Iโ€™m part of the marketing team, and focus on spreading awareness about why privacy matters as well as discussing Tuta and itโ€™s awesome services online โ€“ all in the hopes to make a positive impact and bring about privacy to the masses globally.

Introducing Yohei

During my Bachelor's programme in computer sciences, I became aware of how mainstream internet services disregard our privacy. It is very frustrating that many companies are making money by exploiting the invisibility of data collection to users. To overcome such a situation, there must be an alternative service that is independent of government agencies or big tech companies, prioritises privacy, and is simple for everyone to use. This is why I was very interested and excited to join the Tuta team.

I particularly enjoy the team's motivation. Every member has a lot of energy to attain the same goal, which I believe helps to speed up product development. I'm pretty pleased to be a small part of such a team. I am now working on improving Tutaโ€™s website to make sure Tuta's website is just as impressive as its product.

My goal at Tuta is to make more people aware of the current neglect of privacy and to tell them that Tuta is the best solution for reversing such a situation. Isn't it crazy that one of our fundamental rights, privacy, is now being used to make money on the Internet? Just like curtains on windows, the internet needs an option to protect privacy.

Introducing Franz

I am interested in privacy and know that the Tutao GmbH is one of the best email hosts regarding that. When I saw that Tuta hires students in the form of dual studies, I was interested immediately.

My vision of the internet is one where FOSS apps prevail, where we have an open and human-oriented web instead of one that is money-oriented and exploits people and their data. Privacy is a basic human right and I am happy that I can do my share to defend this right by joining Tuta and its mission!