Release Notes 3.26: New Tutanota Beta Client Now With Whitelabel Option

We are excited to let you know that we have updated our new beta client. With this release, we are adding important features to the Premium version of Tutanota: You can now whitelabel Tutanota to login via your own website. You can also add contact forms to your website that send contact requests end-to-end encrypted directly to your Tutanota mailbox.

Our new beta client is making great progress, and we thank all our beta testers for their feedback so that we can further improve Tutanota. With this update we are adding important features to the Premium version of Tutanota, making it a secure alternative for companies of all sizes.

Whitelabel and contact form

Tutanota now enables you to whitelabel your own domain. When using Tutanota with your own domain, you can now add the option to use your own website to login to your Tutanota account. For this, you can modify the design of Tutanota to adapt it to your corporate design. If you additionally would like users to sign up on your own domain please get in contact with us.

You can also add a contact form to your website that directs all messages automatically end-to-end encrypted to your Tutanota mailbox. This way people can get in touch with you very easily and securely.

Unsubscribe from newsletter

With this update, you are now also able to unsubscribe from newsletters and mailing lists directly from within your Tutanota account. This will help a lot to reduce the number of unwanted mails in your inbox. To manage what mails should or should not go into your inbox, you already have the option to whitelist and blacklist mail addresses. As a Premium user you can also create inbox rules that for instance send newsletters directly into a folder labeled 'Newsletter'.

New client improvements

We've recently improved our new client immensely by adding the first search feature for encrypted data as well as adding the option to automatically import contacts via vCard. Now we are working hard to get the new client out of beta. This includes updating the iOS and Android apps so that they also support all new features already added to our new client. This will be our next huge release after the beta release of our new client in 2017. The release is scheduled for the coming months, so stay tuned. ;)

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