Release Notes: Embedded images are now supported in Tutanota.

We are happy to announce that we have updated Tutanota. Your encrypted emails now support embedded images for sent and received emails.

Embedded images are now supported

The new version of Tutanota now displays images in sent and recieved emails. This works for both kinds of emails in Tutanota: End-to-end encrypted emails and normal emails to external recipients.

To add an inline image, just press the image icon in the editor bar when composing an email, a signature, or when adapting the template for the customizable notification email in the Tutanota web client or in one of the desktop clients.

Right now it is not possible to add inline images when writing an email with the iOS or Android app. Nevertheless, embedded images are being displayed also when using the Tutanota apps.

Don't confuse embedded images with external images

It is important to mention that embedded images are not to be confused with external images. While embedded images are sent along with the email and do not track the user, external images must be loaded from external servers and can track the user. External images are still not being displayed by default. Instead, the user must actively click to load external images so that no accidental tracking can take place. We plan to improve this feature with a whitelisting option for known senders in the future.

Please read here how we make sure to protect your privacy by offering an anonymous email service.

Additional improvements with this release

  • The Android app now has a new adaptive icon.
  • It is now possible to reorder inbox and spam rules.

You can always check the full release notes of our open source email service on GitHub.