Removes Free Email Service & Raises Prices

In an email to customers informed about new prices for domain hosting and the end of life of the included email service.

Gandi raises prices and removes free email service.
Domain hoster just informed its customers via email that they are removing the currently included free email service for all customers. People who paid for years in advance will be able to keep their domains, but free email service will be removed - even if they already paid. In case you are looking for a new email service, Tutanota currently has an unbeatable offer! is removing its included free email service by November 30th from everyone who is currently hosting their domain at Gandi. In an email to its customers, the company advises customers to switch to the "New and improved mailbox", otherwise their mailbox will cease to exist.

In their FAQ Gandi states: "We would advise you to convert to the improved MailBox as soon as possible. If you do not take actions regarding your included mailboxes, we will suspend your GandiMail service. You will have the possibility to unlock your mailbox by converting to the improved MailBox."

This announcement is particularly harsh for people who have paid for multiple years in advance. While they may keep the already paid-for domain, the mail service is taken away from them, unless they pay extra. The price for the new mail service with 10 GB of storage was not announced.

Thus, people complain about this update:

"No forewarning, no post on the website, no justification, and the nasty news buried in the middle of unrelated text. It appears designed to deceive. 'No bullshit' is no more."

Encrypted email alternative

If you are a Gandi customer and do not want to keep your mailbox at their service, you can switch to any other email provider that lets you connect your custom email domain.

Tutanota is one nice solution, particularly known for its high level of security and privacy protection.

And, fortunately for you, simultaneously with the Gandi announcement, we currently have a special offer running that will give you our best-value mailbox at half price:

⚡️ 20 GB storage

⚡️ 15 email addresses

⚡️ Sharing calendars & invites

⚡️ 3 custom domains

⚡️ Autoresponder

With our current special offer it's only 1,50€/month until June 2025! 🎉🤩

Sign up now!

Alternative domain hosters

If you are even looking for an alternative domain hoster, here are some European alternatives:

  • INWX
  • OVH pricing update email

Dear customer,

For the past 20 years we have been dedicated to providing you with the best tools for managing your online presence. Our platform and offer have greatly evolved through continuous improvements and new features, without additional cost.

What hasn't changed over the last 20 years is our commitment to serving you, and we will continue doing that every day. As of this year, we will take another step forward by further improving the security of the platform to the highest standards, making it easier to manage your domain, and by introducing phone support to accompany you in the various stages of your online presence.

We remain committed to offering you the largest portfolio of TLDs, customized TLD-suggestions and best-in-class anycast-level primary DNS servers. In addition, we will step up our effort to unburden you by introducing new managed features such as:

  • Advanced and easy-to-use account security,
  • Proactive notifications on changes and important events,
  • Better rights management,
  • Easier domain transfers with continuity of service,
  • New and improved Mailbox:
    • Increased storage for your mailbox (from 3GB to 10GB),
    • E-mail back-up and data center redundancy for enhanced disaster recovery,
    • Better anti-spam and anti-virus protection,
    • The ability to search your mails,
    • Stronger email server security.

We also need to inform you of the end of the GandiMail service included with your domain (please note that the GandiMail service will end on November 30th, 2023). You can seamlessly convert to our new Mailbox service. In addition, we will introduce updates to our pricing policy effective July 13th 2023 for all our existing services and the new Mailbox service.

Thank you for your continued confidence and trust in

Cordialement, L'équipe Gandi