Release Notes 3.60.11: New dark theme

Tutanota now comes with a beautiful new dark theme.

We are happy to let you know that we have updated Tutanota. Besides lots of minor improvements and fixes, Tutanota now comes with an even more beautiful dark theme than the one we had before.

New dark theme

The new dark theme is supported by all clients - web, iOS & Android app, as well as in the desktop clients for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. The theme was suggested to us by Mike Finch, the designer who also helped us re-design our new client from scratch.

Minor improvements

We've also added lots of minor improvements and bug fixes. The most important ones are:

  • Allowed pressing "return" key to confirm many dialogs, including TOTP. This feature was asked for by the community only one day ago.
  • Added new contact button to the search
  • Added shortcut for creating new mail from search
  • The indicator that an email was sent by a different technical sender was moved before the email address and the dialog is more useful now.

You can find all improvements in our release notes on GitHub.

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