Every day is Cyber Monday at Tutanota.

Cyber Monday is not about getting the best deal. It's about selling you stuff you don't need.

The Cyber Monday hype is just another method by marketers and advertisers to keep you buying. Higher, faster, further - that's the aim of marketers. But for consumers it leads to over-consumption and unnecessary spending. That's why we are saying no to Cyber Monday. Instead we are offering fair prices all year round.

Cyber Monday - consumption gone mad

At Tutanota we have decided not to join the Cyber Monday hype. Instead of advertising regular discounts, we prefer a pricing strategy of a fair and transparent low-priced standard offer. To put it frankly, for being able to drop the price on Cyber Monday, we would have to raise the standard Premium price in the first place.

That is exactly what most companies do: They sell you over-priced products for being able to regularly offer reductions. For being successful with this strategy, these companies need to bombard your with advertisements, usually via free services like Google and Facebook. But this business model - offering a free service and abusing your data for targeted advertisements - is broken. We all know the saying:

"If you are using a free product, you are the product."

Different business model

We at Tutanota want to prove that a different way is possible. Tutanota is committed to protect your privacy - one of the main benefits you get with this is that no one can abuse your data for targeted advertisements.

Our business model relies solely on customers being so happy with Tutanota that they are willing to pay for the service.

We make sure that no one can influence our development decisions. We develop our open source and secure email service with one focus in mind: Our users' requirements - not the requirements of marketers.

Low starting price is essential

We are building Tutanota so that everyone can protect their private data from data mining and targeted advertisements. Having a low entry price is essential so that anyone has the chance to upgrade and benefit from Tutanota's Premium features.

Besides, our Premium users often tell us that it's very little money for a very awesome service. We hope you agree. 😉

By upgrading you are showing great respect to our stance on fair prices, just like we are respecting your private data. Do it now!

Over-consumption comes at a cost

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have evolved from one-day events to week-long discount battles. Even though most deals aren't even the best you can get, shoppers feel pressured into making a good deal during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week.

Marketers use price discounting and special offers to trigger a sense of urgency to consumers to make them join the low-cost, high-volume buying impulse. The result: over-consumption of unnecessary goods.

With a system designed to constantly grow while at the same time the market is already saturated, the companies' only chance to grow further it to make us believe that we always need newer and newer products.

Fashion retailers have been speeding up the turnaround of trends since the 1980’s, increasing the rate that we use and throw away clothes. The same goes for electronic devices. The life cycle of consumer goods is getting constantly shorter.

But, today’s trends are tomorrow’s trash. And this is not only taking money from your pocket that you don't really need to spend. It also costs the environment.

Save the planet and your bank account some unnecessary damage.

Instead of joining the shopping mania, sign up for for a free Tutanota account. Tutanota relies on renewable energy only.

Even better, go Premium and support the development of Tutanota. But not because it's Cyber Monday, but because you value our product and the added features we offer to paying users.

Growth of Tutanota

We would like to thank our users who are turning our business model into a success. In 2020 we were able to grow our team from 9 to 14 employees. Right now, we are looking for at least five additional developers. Pleaes check our jobs page for open positions at Tutanota.

Our recent growth is amazing as all developers are paid for by Tutanota users choosing to upgrade. We don’t want money from foreign investors as this would give them the power to influence our development decisions. The only one who should be able to influence us must be our users.

This is a completely different business model to what "free" services like Facebook and Google are doing so we are excited to see that it works so well.

The success of Tutanota proves that a different business model is possible. This is great news, particularly on Cyber Monday.

You enable us to build a privacy-friendly alternative to Gmail and others. Thank you!

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