Birthday Celebration: Our Company Turns Four!

Four years ago we have started our open source project as entrepreneurs at Leibniz University Hanover. Even back then - two years before the Snowden revelations - we were appalled by the common use of surveillance techniques to which email was and is very exposed. We wanted to build the easiest and most secure email service to stop the snooping on all citizens.

Today we are very happy with what we have achieved so far! Not only have we build an encrypted email service that is already used by hundreds of thousands users, but also have we proven that easy end-to-end encrypted email is possible and that people want to use it.

Thank you so much for everything!

We want to thank our users - particularly our early adopters - as your feedback was and is very valuable in building our secure email service Tutanota. We would have never been able to build Tutanota as you use it today without your support!

The last four years have not always been easy, but we always believed in Tutanota. We believe that it is our obligation to enable everyone to secure their online communication and to stop the general spying. This is why Tutanota will remain forever free.

However, our greatest success came when we published Premium features this summer. We were amazed by the number of people upgrading to Premium just because they wanted to support us and our fight for privacy online.

The success of Premium makes us independent and lets us develop Tutanota the way we want it: 100 percent secure without any backdoor.

In 2016 Tutanota will reach for the stars

Next year we plan a lot for Tutanota: We want to employ at least three more IT professionals to develop Tutanota faster. Actually, we have already added Meike to the team to improve and speed up support for our exponentially growing user base. We will start looking for the additional developers next week so if you know anyone who wants to join our team, let us know!

With more developers on board, we want to significantly speed up our development. We also plan to extend our range of Premium features for instance by adding more storage to make the financial base of Tutanota even more sound.

In the coming months, we plan to add lots of features to Tutanota, available to all our users, such as drafts, inbox rules, a dark theme, 2-factor authentication and many more.

Open source email, free from backdoors

About one year ago, we have published the code of Tutanota as open source, licensed under GPLv3. We are happy about everyone watching our code on GitHub to make sure that we stay true to our central goal: Protecting the privacy of our users by offering the most secure email service.

Going open source was one of the most important steps for our secure email service Tutanota. Publishing our code on Github gave us a great push because people started building the Tutanota client locally. Since people being active on Github know a thing or two about programming and encryption, they gave us very valuable feedback on how to improve Tutanota's security.

Starting your company is never easy

During the last four years we had many ups and downs. This is common for any start-up: You do make mistakes, and you do learn a lot. The important thing is to never give up. To believe in yourself and your project!

Since we have launched our Premium features this summer, our future as a company looks better and better every month. We are very happy and thankful to each and every user upgrading to Premium. By this, you help us in making Tutanota better faster. Thanks to all of you!

Today we are very happy to say:

We are here to stay!

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