Happy Birthday Tutanota: Here's to 6 Years of Secure Mail!

Six years ago we have started to create the most secure email service. Today we are not only happy that we ventured on this journey, but we are proud of what we have achieved! With tremendous support from our community we have built a fully encrypted email client that is fast, beautiful and available in over 30 languages. So, today we are celebrating our success, and tomorrow we'll keep on developing!

Our dream of the future Internet is that everything is encrypted by default. That's why your encrypted Tutanota mailbox already comes with a fully encrypted address book. In the future we plan to add an encrypted calendar, encrypted notes and much more.

When we started our open source project Tutanota at Leibniz University Hanover, we never expected it to become such an important tool for protecting people's privacy. But with the constantly growing misuse of customer's data, it becomes obvious that everybody needs to think twice before not encrypting their data. The good thing about Tutanota - and probably one of the reasons for our success - is that you don't need to think twice. Your entire mailbox is automatically encrypted end-to-end, and no one but yourself can unlock your encrypted emails.

As surveillance measures become more drastic people turn to encryption

Today the use of mass surveillance online is a standard technique in many countries worldwide. If that wasn't dangerous enough, it seems that politicians with extremist and intolerant views on many issues are being voted into power in several countries these past few years.

Surveillance We need to fight for our right to privacy and to freedom of speech!

We must stop mass surveillance

This development is alarming, and, at the same time, encourages us to keep fighting for our right to privacy. In 2015 and 2016 we have seen a big increase in users for our mail client; we call it the start of the privacy-era.

The large and constantly increasing number of users does not only help to make Tutanota a lasting success, but the growing interest in encryption also gives us hope. We are hopeful that the more people realize how important it is to keep their data private, the more will also influence politics and politicians so that mass surveillance will eventually come to an end.

Thank you so much for everything!

We want to thank our users - particularly our early adopters - as your feedback was and is very valuable in building our free email service Tutanota. We would have never been able to build Tutanota as you use it today without your support!

Our greatest success came when we first published Premium features in 2015. We were astonished by the number of people upgrading to Premium just because they wanted to support us and our fight for privacy online.

The success of Premium makes us independent and lets us develop Tutanota the way we want it - without any influence from investors or any other third party.

2017 was amazing, now wait for 2018! ;)

2017 was all about our new beta-client. It comes with huge improvements such as speed and design as well as many features. Particularly the design of our new mail client is a prime example of how privacy fans around the world support our open source project: Mike Finch, a brilliant designer and privacy fan, offered to help us redesign Tutanota so the success of our new mail client is largely thanks to Mike.

Since our public beta release we are working hard on adding more features: You are now able to import your contacts to your encrypted Tutanota mailbox - all contacts stored in Tutanota are fully encrypted so no one but yourself can access them. Right now we are developing one of the most voted for features in our community: search. Adding a search feature is quiet a challenge as all data on the Tutanota servers is encrypted. To search for emails in your Tutanota mailbox, the search process needs to take place locally on your device. However, we tool on the challenge, and we are already testing this feature in-house!

Thank you again. Here's to six successful years! :)

Happy birthday Tutanota

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Learn here how to send an encrypted email.

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