We are very happy to welcome Sara to the Tutanota Team.

We are now nine passionate freedom fighters, are you going to join next?

Today we would like to welcome Sara to our team. As a specialist in cryptography, we are excited that Sara will make sure that Tutanota becomes a quantum-secure email service in the near future!

Making Tutanota quantum-resistant

Sara has already worked on post-quantum cryptography during her studies. She is the perfect addition to our team to give our research project on post-qantum cryptography a great push.

Sara also understands encryption as an important tool to fight mass surveillance: "I like cryptography, and post-quantum cryptography for that matter. Cryptography is one of the most important methods for digital self defense against all-round surveillance and profiling. However, the algorithms we are using today to protect our private data might not be secure enough in the future. It is not yet known whether universal quantum computers will be built one day. But should this happen - even if in a couple of years - all data that is encrypted with state-of-the-art algorithms now could be easily cracked then. It is high time to protect us from such a scenario."

The ultimate goal: Using the internet safe from surveillance risks

"Since the revelations by Edward Snowden, we should all understand that everything we do online is being monitored and saved. Nevertheless, there are very good reasons for taking part in the digital world. Sometimes there is no other option than to communicate over the internet with others even if we prefer to keep the conversation between just a very few people. Everyone must have access to services that enable them to participate online without having to sacrifice their private data."

We are confident that Sara will have a great influence on how Tutanota improves further, making sure that your security and privacy always comes first. Our team now consists of nine passionate freedom fighters: Arne, Bernd, Hanna, Ivan, Matthias, Meike, Nils, Sara, and Vitor.

Organic growth for independence

At Tutanota, we invest all income we generate from selling Tutanota Premium and Pro directly into growing our team. We deliberately abstain from big money from big investors - to make sure we own the product and decide about its future.

Growing organically is extremely important to us as it guarantees one thing: We remain independent and can decide for ourselves what we develop next, and how. Only by remaining independent we can make sure that no one can influence our development and that no one can force us to integrate a backdoor. Others can also verify that by checking our open source code.

Get in touch!

We plan to add more developers to the team so if you are as privacy-enthusiastic as Sara and willing to move to Hanover, please send us your application.

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