We are very happy to welcome Ina to the Tutanota Team.

Please welcome with us our new team member: Ina. Ina is responsible for all HR activities at Tutanota, and she will help us grow our team to new levels. We are very excited to have Ina join us. Hopefully we can soon have a team picture with all of us, not just the few that are currently going to the office!

Ina has joined our team beginning of March. She will be the driving force for our accelerated team growth and help us gain the talent we need to improve Tutanota further.

We are very happy that Ina has joined us and that she shares our passion for privacy and freedom of speech.

"If I want to talk undisturbed at home, I can close the door so that no one can listen in. But who closes the door for me on the web to protect my privacy? Closing these doors on email communication is what Tutanota is working on, and that's what impresses me. I joined Tutanota as a recruiter to find people who share this vision and want to work on making protected communication possible for everyone."

Organic growth

At Tutanota, we invest all income we generate from selling Tutanota Premium and Pro directly into growing our team. We deliberately abstain from big money from big investors - to make sure we own the product and decide about its future.

Growing organically is extremely important to us as it guarantees one thing: We remain independent and can decide for ourselves what we develop next, and how. Only by remaining independent we can make sure that no one can influence our development and that no one can force us to integrate a backdoor. Others can also verify that by checking our open source code.

Get in touch!

As we continue our growth in terms of users, we also plan to add more developers and marketing specialists to the team. So if you are as privacy-enthusiastic as we are and willing to move to Hanover, please check out our open positions.

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