Easy Mail Encryption for Everyone: Use Tutanota in Your Language

We are happy to announce that our growing user base worldwide is translating the Tutanota app as well as the website. Today we launch the Tutanota Homepage and the You & Us page in several languages.

Since we have started our translation project earlier this year, hundreds of volunteers have contacted us offering to localize Tutanota. This support is simply amazing, and we are thankful for each and every one, who wants to contribute. Now we are able to publish the most important parts of our website in several languages. If your language is missing, you can easily join the project by letting us know, which language you would like to improve.

We have to thank our busy volunteers not only for their commitment, but also for their patience: We will publish many more languages in the Tutanota app as well with our next major update. Most of these languages have been completed weeks ago, but we were not able to release them earlier.

Thank you ever so much, your support for Tutanota is amazing!

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