Great Changes Ahead: Currently We Are Rebuilding Our Client to Improve Your Secure Mail Service Tutanota

We are happy to announce that we plan to release a completely new client! We are currently improving your secure email service from scratch, which will greatly improve speed and design.

The work on it still continues and we can not yet announce a release date, but it will be our biggest release so far. This new version of your secure email service Tutanota will be much faster and more beautiful. There will also be a special surprise coming with the new client.

### Additional Task: Making Tutanota Quantum Resistant

Next to this update we are currently also working on updating our encryption algorithm to AES-256. When we started building Tutanota in 2011, AES-128 was evaluated as very secure, with AES-256 offering no real advantage in regard to the strength of the encryption.

While AES-128 currently is still strong enough, researchers now recommend to use AES-256 as this will increase the security in case of the development of quantum computers. Additionally, the mobile computational power has increased in the last years and with that the AES-256 encryption and decryption speed. This is why we are updating our algorithm to AES-256 now.

In the future we also plan to update the asymmetric encryption algorithms to make them resistant against quantum computers as well. In a couple of years, quantum computers will be a reality, and we want to be well-prepared with Tutanota to ensure that your data stays secure and private - not just now, but forever.

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