Secure your emails with U2F in Firefox.

Tutanota now supports U2F in Chromium-based browsers and Firefox.

The encrypted email service Tutanota focuses on security and privacy. One of the most important steps when securing your email account is to activate two-factor authentication to prevent email phishing attacks. We've released U2F support in 2017, but at that time were not able to support U2F in Firefox. Now, Firefox has started to support legacy U2F so we were able to add U2F support for Firefox. All Tutanota users can now secure their email account with a hardware token in Firefox.

We are happy to announce that now everyone can use U2F, e.g. a YubiKey, a Nitrokey, or any other hardware token to protect their secure email account. U2F is the most secure form for two-factor authentication as it requires a hardware token to login to your email account.

Secure email login

Your email login is the most important login as for most people your email address is linked to your online identity. Read in our Email Security Guide why securing your email account to the maximum is so important to prevent email phishing.

Here is more information on Tutanota's two-factor authentication and why U2F is the most secure form for 2FA.

Make sure to write down recovery code

When you lose your second factor, only you yourself can reset your login credential to make sure no one can maliciously take over your account.

It is of utmost importance that you write down your recovery code in case you lose your second factor or forget your password.

What is U2F?

U2F stands for Universal Second Factor. This means you use a hardware key to secure the authentication process. You first authenticate with your username and password, and then with a second factor (multi factor authentication).

Securing your login credentials with a second factor, protects your account from phishing attacks.

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