Tuta Keeps Growing: More People Than Ever Have Joined in 2023! ♥️

2023 has brought lots of changes to Tuta: new name, new domain - and most excitingly lots of new team members! We are thrilled that Tuta is now growing faster than ever! Welcome with us two new developers who will help us make Tuta even better in 2024.

We are very happy to announce that in the last two months two new software developers have joined our team: Jamie and Murilo. They will help bring new features to Tuta that we have already planned for 2024 like email import, post-quantum secure encryption, disappearing messages, search and tasks for the calendar and much more!

Tuta Mail & Calendar features added in 2023

Check out all the features that we have added in 2023!

We expect that many more people will join our team here in Hanover in 2024 so if you are passionate not only about privacy, but also about programming, be sure to apply with us!

Introducing Jamie

I wanted to work at Tuta so I can spend my time working to make a difference in the world of privacy. Tools like Tuta Mail have the potential to protect whistle-blowers exposing corruption from political persecution as we have seen all too often back in Australia.

At Tuta, I like the relaxed company culture with deeply passionate co-workers. It is easy to stay productive with the lack of unnecessary bureaucracy & makes work somewhere I actively look forward to going. The supply of coffee helps too! I am working on a number of bug fixes for the Tuta Mail clients including accessibility, UI & authentication issues.

We need privacy on the web to make sure our personal data is not misused. The reality of our data being used for mass surveillance & military intelligence gathering threatens our liberties by facilitating political oppression. As private companies willingly or unwillingly hand over our data to government agencies, ensuring that our personal data is not collected in the first place is the only way to prevent this misuse.

Introducing Murilo

So, I wanted to work at Tuta because I'm a quite old customer as I have had my Tutanota(!) account since 2017. Every year since I opened my account the incidents about big techs using our data and exploiting our information without our consent started to worry me. With this concern I started to take care even more of my data and when I saw the opportunity to work at Tuta I thought that was my chance to help other people keep their data safe and improve each day a product that helps them do it.

Currently I'm working mostly on calendar improvements and I've been liking it a lot, helping with the calendar search and the new navigation is absolutely aligned with what I like to work with.

My ideal vision of the internet is that the decision that users take about their data should be respected. A lot of organizations spy on users in so many different forms, which is completely absurd. And the most important thing about our online activity is our data, it should be our decision if we want to share it or not, it's nice to have some personalized suggestions, but just if I have the decision to receive this suggestion and control over who can access my data to provide me with such features.