Celebrate with us seven years of open source emails!

In September 2014 we released the entire client code of Tutanota as open source.

Seven years ago, we published the client code for your secure emails on GitHub. Since then hundreds of Tutanota users have reviewed or forked the code, and built their own clients locally. We are very proud that we can now offer open source and secure emails to everyone. To celebrate this great success, we offer you Tutanota Premium for only €1 per month. This special offer is valid today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow - because we believe encrypted emails must be affordable to everyone!

Open source - why it matters

Open source is a fundamental requirement to achieve privacy and security within any online service. Only when the entire client code is freely accessible, tech-savvy users can verify that the code is well written, which reduces the risk of any unknown security bug. This also enables users to verify that the encryption is, in fact, taking place end-to-end, making sure that there is no encryption backdoor hidden anywhere.

Open source allows third-party validation

Because of this, encrypted email or messaging services can only prove that they are truly end-to-end encrypted by publishing the client code as open source. So far, Tutanota has published its web client, its Android and iOS apps and its desktop clients as open source. The Android app is completely Google-free, which enables us to publish it on F-Droid as well.

The open source email client.

In fact, the entire client development - email, calendar, Secure Connect - is taking place on GitHub so that users can always see what we are currently working on. We also publish our roadmap on GitHub and link it on our website so that everyone can see what's coming next.

Will there ever be an open source Tutanota server?

Yes, we hope so. Right now the Tutanota server consists of a bunch of rather complex distributed systems to enable high scalability. This cluster must be operated by highly qualified system administrators. In its current state, the Tutanota server would not be useful for private users as they still wouldn't be able to run such a server set-up locally.

For this reason, we or the community might develop a small server, suitable for private users, that we will publish as open source. Once we have achieved this, you can build your own Tutanota server locally and store your entire encrypted mailbox locally as well.

However, building an additional server is not on our priority list as we plan to implement a lot of other important features first.

Special offer - valid every day

To celebrate our passion for open source, we offer Tutanota with the best bank for your buck - today, tomorrow, and any other day.

At Tutanota we believe that secure emails should be affordable for everyone so we are keeping prices as low as possible.

Thank you for supporting our open source project by upgrading to Premium now! :)

The team behind your open source email alternative.

Here's more information on how Tutanota achieves to offer open source emails.

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