Re:publica 15: Google Promotes Privacy, But Not Too Much

At re:publica in Berlin, Eric Grosse (Google Security) said end-to-end encryption of their future pgp-plugin is not meant for common use as people would not be able to benefit from helpful tools like Google's integrated translation.

He also said that the OpenPGP plugin has still a long way to go until it becomes available (Source: German article).

Take back your privacy

We believe people caring about privacy are very willing not to use Google translate for their emails. Personally I write my emails in languages I am capable of.

Fortunately, all privacy-friends may already use pgp with Thunderbird or check out our email service with automatically built-in encryption.

While we welcome any and all encrypted solutions, we have to say: If Google really wanted to bring privacy to the masses, they should do it right. But maybe, just maybe, they don't want to do it at all.

Black and white picture of Matthias thinking and looking to the right side.
Matthias is co-founder and developer of Tuta, focusing on backend development, architecture and email processing. He writes code and political comments to fight for our human right to privacy. He wants to create an encrypted cloud collaboration platform which is so easy to use and so secure that it locks out all the spies. We all deserve a better internet - one where privacy is the default.
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