Release Notes 2.24.11: New Tutanota Beta Client Now With Contact Import

We are excited to let you know that we have updated our new beta client. Two weeks ago we have released this new mail client to all our users, and your feedback was simply amazing! We thank you for that and, of course, also for your bug reports. Thanks to your feedback we have fixed lots of bugs as well as added new features. Your secure mail client now supports contact import, multi-select in contact list and printing of emails.

The public beta release beginning of October was a huge success, and the majority of our users likes the new touch and feel of our secure mail client. We are working hard on further improving the new mail client based on your valued feedback.

Contact import & contact multi-select

With this release Tutanota now supports contact import from vCard 3.0. This enables you to add all your contacts stored in previously owned mailboxes or address books to your secure Tutanota mailbox. This gives you the great advantage to store all your contact details in a highly secure fashion: In Tutanota your entire address book is fully encrypted, and only you can decrypt this data.

You can also use multi-select not only in your email list, but now also in your contact list.

On top of that this update allows you to easily print off emails from your Tutanota mailbox. And, of course, we have fixed a lot of bugs reported by our users. We will continue to improve the new encrypted mail client, so keep your feedback coming!

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