Release Notes 3.66.2: Making Tutanota light & beautiful.

Lots of improvements have been added with this release: GUI, spam rules, mail counter and more.

We are so happy to let you know that we've pushed out some great improvements to Tutanota, we're particularly happy about the amazing design update! Tutanota is now much more beautiful and navigation is much easier, also on mobile (app updates follow slightly later).

Meet the new look of Tutanota

Check out the brand-new design by directly logging in to your secure mail client! Or take a look at these amazing screenshots of the Tutanota Calendar and email view:

the brand-new calendar design of Tutanota New calendar view of Tutanota.

the brand-new mailbox design of Tutanota New mailbox view of Tutanota.

As you see on this screenshot: The Settings and Logout symbols have now moved from the top right corner to the bottom left. The pen symbol to compose a new email is gone and has been replaced by a 'New email' button in the top left corner. These changes make Tutanota appear much more elegant and also make the navigation much easier.

Improved spam rules

In Tutanota, you have the option to whitelist or blacklist email addresses within your mailbox. We have now improved these rules so that you can now

  • Define spam rules for To, Cc and Bcc recipients
  • Allow spam rules for top level domains
  • Allow * symbol to blacklist or whitelist all emails

Please find details on how spam rules work in our FAQ.

Improvements for the desktop client

When using the desktop client, the client now saves the zoom factor and restores this upon application start. We have also improved the notification timeout handling in the desktop clients.

Fixed email counter

With this release, we have also fixed a bug where email counters of some users didn't clear even though all emails were read or deleted. The unread mail counter now displays the correct number of unread mails.

In addition to this, we have added the option that all team members of a shared calendar can change the name of this calendar within their own mailbox.

Check here for the full release notes.