Release Notes 3.50.1: Speeding up search and making use of own domains easier.

Tutanota as a secure email service protects your right to privacy with built-in encryption. Due to the encryption, search needs to be done locally on the client which is now much faster.

We are excited to let you know that we have updated Tutanota. It now comes with an even faster search feature for your encrypted emails & contacts and with support for Let's Encrypt for whitelabel domains. We have also updated the lanuages in Tutanota: Newly supported languages such as Russian, Japanese, Ukranian and Turkish are now 100% complete!

Improved search on encrypted data

We have updated Tutanota to make our encrypted search feature better and faster.

  • Search is now faster.
  • Search index is updated much faster & application is more responsive.
  • You can now search while indexing.
  • Mail folders are indexed in parallel and not one by one so you can stop the indexing process at any point.
  • Error handling has been much improved.

Let's Encrypt for easier domain integration

With this release we are also adding support for Let's Encrypt to make the integration of your whitelabel domain in Tutanota much easier. With the addition of Let's Encrypt, Tutanota can now automatically issue and update certificates for your own domain.

  • Now having a whitelabel domain is super easy, Tutanota takes care of all certificates issues.
  • With Let's Encrypt, the certificates are more secure as the certificate key never leaves the Tutanota server.
  • Learn what Tutanota offers for your secure business emails.

Desktop client

We have also improved window handling of the desktop clients. When using the Tutanota desktop clients, you won't have any windows you can't see anymore even if running in tray.

Language update

We continuously improve all supported language versions in Tutanota. With this update 29 languages are 100% complete, including Russian, Japanese, Ukranian and Turkish.

The translation of Tutanota is a community driven project, and we heartily thank our awesome volunteers, who help us bring privacy to the world. If you would like to join the open source Tutanota translation project, please get in touch!

You can find more details on this release on GitHub.