Release Notes 3.35: Getting the Android App Ready for F-Droid

We are excited to let you know that we have updated our new beta client and beta Android app. This update includes several usability improvements, fixes some bugs, and most importantly: prepares the app for its upcoming F-Droid release!

This update fixes some bugs and includes several usability improvements such as

  • enabling multi-select for emails and contacts,
  • restricting text selection to email content and contacts,
  • an indicator when the app is offline.

Encrypted search now also possible in the app

Since our previous app update on July 19th, you can now also search your encrypted Tutanota mailbox directly within the Tutanota Android app. This was a huge success as we had to solve several performance issues before enabling you to use our innovative encrypted search feature on mobile devices.

Find out how our new search feature works and how you can unlock its full potential here. Login via our new mail client now to use search as well as all other new features!

Android app about to be published on F-Droid

We believe that for offering open source emails, Tutanota must publish the Android app on F-Droid, and we are working hard to achieve this.

We have already removed all Google dependencies from our new beta app. We are very excited that the Tutanota app is now ready for its F-Droid publication.

We are looking forward to this publication as much as you do!

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