Release Notes 2.12: Take over your Tutanota mail address

Our new release contains a couple of bug fixes as well as the possibility to take over you Tutanota email from your deleted account and re-use it in your Premium account. Just enter your Premium account email address when deleting your old account.

Here is a quick overview of the bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug when downloading and uploading attachments in iOS 10
  • Fixed access to signature and inbox rules
  • Fixed reply button covering email date in browser
  • Fixed storage capacity display per user
  • Minor bug fixes
Black and white picture of Matthias thinking and looking to the right side.
Matthias is co-founder and developer of Tuta, focusing on backend development, architecture and email processing. He writes code and political comments to fight for our human right to privacy. He wants to create an encrypted cloud collaboration platform which is so easy to use and so secure that it locks out all the spies. We all deserve a better internet - one where privacy is the default.
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