Release Notes: Preparations for Key Length Update

We at Tutanota want to provide you with the most secure email service possible. That's why we have invested a lot of time and effort into updating our encryption algorithms. In the future we will also be looking into ways to make your encrypted mailbox resistant to attacks from quantum computers. Please excuse if we have a short downtime during the release.

This release does not affect the Tutanota clients because it is just a server side release. It includes:

  • Preparations for AES key length update
  • Preparations for sharing encrypted content with other users
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken links in registration emails
  • Bugfix: Prevent push notifications for spam and discarded emails

It also took us a lot of time to enable our encryption system to share content with other users. We are very happy that we have reached this development step. The preparation for sharing encrypted content is crucial for our plan to develop a free calendar as well as encrypted cloud storage.

In parallel we are developing a new client that will be faster and more beautiful. We are excited how this project is progressing, and soon we will be asking for beta testers to test our revamped client.

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