Secure Mail Service Tutanota Now Offers Custom Domain Support

Release Notes 2.0

We are excited to finally release Tutanota Premium. Upgrade your account to Premium for only 1 Euro per month immediately and claim a 5 GB extension of your account at no additional cost. This special offer will expire in two weeks.

Simply register a free Tutanota email account and upgrade once you are logged in by clicking on 'Premium' in the top menu bar.

With Tutanota Premium, you:

  • can add users
  • will get 5 GB extra storage (limited special offer!)
  • will get 5 aliases per user
  • can use your own domain or a Tutanota domain
  • can send unlimited emails
  • can find more details here.

This release also enables all users to export important emails easily. Tutanota Premium enables you to add users, delete users, and reset passwords. Even administrator passwords can be reset by other administrators. We as the provider have no access to your encrypted data and cannot reset passwords.

We want to thank you very much for being patient with us to implement this major update. We also made sure that all payment data, including invoices, are always stored encrypted. Finally, we have made it, and we hope that you can enjoy Tutanota now even better knowing that with us you don't pay with your data, but - if you can afford it - with money. Thank you very much for supporting our fight for privacy.

Please note: The upgrade process is only possible in a browser (not in the Tutanota apps). Currently, the upgrade process does not work in Internet Explorer, please use a different browser. After upgrading your premium features will, of course, be available in all browsers as well as in the apps.

Release Notes Summary

  • Tutanota Premium
  • Enable email export
  • Stop Re-Re-Re-issue in replied emails
  • Fixed a css bug that could be used to leak the clients ip address (Thanks to Chloe for notifying us!)

We hope that you share our passion for privacy. Sign up for your own free secure mail account. Please tell us what you like and what we should develop next via Facebook or Twitter.

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