Release Notes 1.9.4 - Choose a Three-Character User Name

With Tutanota 1.9.4 you are now able to sign up with three letters only. In addition we've fixed some bugs and prepared our servers for the major release of custom domains in a few weeks.

Several users have asked us why one needs to put in a minimum of four characters for their email address, and we must say, why indeed? Honestly, we don't remember why we did not allow three-letter sign-ups in the past. Especially because many names only have three letters. We've lowered that level to three now. If interest remains high, we might even lower it to one or two. ;)

Here's everything we've updated:

  • Allow sign-up with three characters
  • Fixed Ubuntu phone support
  • Fixed URL link recognition in emails
  • Fixed external image loading in emails after confirmation (was not fully working in some browsers)
  • Fixed additional bugs

We hope that you share our passion for privacy. Please tell us what you like about your free secure mail account and what we should develop next via Facebook or Twitter.

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