Release Notes 1.8: Custom Folder and Over 15 Languages

Every day we strive to make Tutanota more usable and let it grow into a full-fledged email service so that you can leave other services that spy on your data behind for good. Today - with the help of our users - we've achieved a big step.

Now you can choose between 16 languages when using Tutanota, and you can create folders to manage your emails even better. We want to take the opportunity and thank over one hundred volunteers from around the world for translating Tutanota. We greatly appreciate your support and your commitment, and we are proud that together we can achieve something truly valuable. This amazing experience motivated us to redesign our website so that everybody can easily find ways to support our open source project. Please have a look and show us some love.

Thank you for making Tutanota multilingual

We were so impressed by the effort and thoroughness our volunteers put into the translation that we have asked two of them for their motivation.

Alex from Brazil says: "Recently I found in Tutanota a great initiative, an email provider with real security for the user. I wanted to share it with friends, but most of them don't speak English. When Tutanota opened the possibility to participate in the translation project, I got excited to contribute, so I would be able to help spread the project idea and the app that has impressed me with its simplicity and concept. I really appreciate to be part of it!"

Slawek from Poland adds: "The Internet is not at all privacy-friendly. I am trying to convince my family and friends to use encryption since years. Tutanota was a big discovery to me. I believe that the ease of use in combination with my native language will be a big help in promoting this secure email tool among the people I want to stay in touch with. This will improve the security for all of us."

New features

  • Custom folders
    • Archive folder added
    • Users can create, rename, delete custom folders (one level below system folders)
    • Move an email to another folder via move folder icon in email
    • Drag email to folder (desktop only)
    • Move email to Archive or Trash by sliding left / right on email in email list (mobile only)
  • Show in mail if it was already replied to or forwarded with an icon
  • Link to new community site for donations, participation and sharing of our open source project
  • 16 languages now available: Albanian, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (PT and BR), Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • Improved SSL cipher suites
  • Fixed bugs

Up next

  • We expect that another 15 languages will follow in the coming months, Arabic and simplified Chinese are already in the works. If you find your language should be among the next batch, drop us a line. We'll gladly add you to the translation project.
  • We will release additional domains like in April.
  • Synchronization of emails and contacts between browsers/devices

Please tell us what you like about our secure email service and what we should develop next via Facebook or Twitter.

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